What is YHWH? What is the tetragrammaton?


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The ancient Hebrew language that the Old Testament was written in did not have vowels in its alphabet. In written form, ancient Hebrew was a consonant-only language. In the original Hebrew, God's n...

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Mini Lawrence wong Disciple of iEsou ("Yeh-sou") christou
Michael has given a succinct and accurate reply to the name YHVH. 
The name of the Creator is ALHYM pronounced “Al-o-heem” (Ge 1:1) which scholars have translated 
as God, but the Creator who is the author of his own book says that his name is ALHYM. YHVH is added later (Ge 2:4) The 2 names are interchangeable, and unique to Hebrew. 

ALHYM is a plural proper noun of male gender (e.g. word “sheep”). The letter A in Hebrew is called ALEF which is the picture of an oxhead with the meaning of strength, power, Almighty, Father.
So right in verse one of Genesis we learn that the Creator is also an Almighty Father. Who is He father of? To answer this question we need to look at the first word which is transliterated as BRASHYT, which means “In Beginning” and to make it meaningful in English we have to add the definitive article “the” to give a translation “In the beginning” or the word Genesis.

Each of the 22 letters in Hebrew have a corresponding picture which describes the rune. It is possible then to literally read the pictures represented by the individual letters to get the full picture of the word.

The letter “B” - Bet, is the picture of a tent. “R”-s Resh the head of a man. Combined, “BR” is a picture of a Son. The letter “A” – Alef is an oxhead, “SH” – Shin is two front teeth representing destruction, tearing, “Y” - Yod the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet is an arm with a clenched hand or fist and “T”- Tav is a mark, a cross, or covenant.
Here then is a summary of the pictures BR = Son, Head of a tent/house, A= the Father, who has a son, SH = destroy, Y= arm and hand/fist, T= cross, covenant.
The word for household and covenant in Hebrew is taken from BRASHYT. Household is BRT, and Covenant is BRYT! 

The picture story reads, The Son who is head of the house, has a Father whose name is ALHYM, who allows His son to sacrifice himself on a cross for a covenant. 
The Father is the third letter signifying His humbleness as He puts His son first even though He is Almighty. While the Son is the Head, the power, authority comes from his Father. It is the Father who offers his son to sacrifice himself on a cross for a covenant. 

The Holy Spirit is mentioned in verse 2 as the “ruach”. This completes the Trinity, the triune nature of ALHYM. 

ALHYM is the Father of all fathers. He is the example for all who are married and have children. ALHYM is also the Creator for the whole verse one says “In the beginning ALHYM created the heavens and the earth.” 
This is a complete verse in itself. It happened in the dateless past. 
The name YHVH pops up in later (Ge 2:4) as ALHYM YHVH. The “I AM” is given in (Ex 3:14) when Moses tells Israel that “I AM has sent me (Moses) to you v14” v15 “Moreover, ALHYM said to Moses, ‘Thus you shall say to the children of Israle: YHVH ALHYM of your fathers, the ALHYM of Abraham, the ALHYM of Jacob has sent me to you. This is My name forever, and this is My memorial to al generations.” 

In answer to Pharaoh who started off the genocide of Israel by killing the every male baby, YHVH says “Israel is My son, My first born.” (Ex 4:22). 

Thus began the amazing “Father-Son” relationship between YHVH ALHYM and Israel recorded for our edification in the Old Covenant. All Israel had to do was to love and obey Father. Only a remnant in any age managed to be loyal and faithful to Him. 

Despite this, He continually showed his unfailing hesed love and mercy to them. 

His Son, revealed in (Mk 14:36) that He talked to the Father intimately as ABBA. On the eve of giving His life as a sacrifice on PESACH, Passover 30 AD. Because of this we too can call the Father of all Fathers, ABBA (Ro 8:15 and Gal 4:6) as His sons and daughters (2 Co 6:17) in His home (Ep 2:19, Ga 3:6). Special conditions apply, obviously (2 Co 6:11- 7:1 and 1 Jo 15-17). 
The New Covenant was created by The Messiah before PESACH (Mt 26:26-28). 

Lawrence NZ

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