How do I help my husband's angry and abusive ways?

My husband is suffering from PTSD. He has never really committed his life to God until about 9 months ago. I pray for the lord to help us and him. I feel our marriage is a rollercoaster! He tries but any little thing triggers him! Whether I know what it is or not. Our kids are now 8, 5 and 3. They are beginning to see things they shouldn't! As a mother I want to protect them and run but as a Christian and wife I want to help him! I'm so confused as to what to do. I've prayed and prayed I know serve a glorious God who can overcome any thing but I dnt know how to approach him without offending him or starting another argument! Sometimes scriptures help, but please I'm asking for help it's gotten physical now. What should I do?

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Mini Apri smith

Being a following of Christ, use Christ's life as an example to live by. During a quiet time ask your husband what is bothering him and what needs to change to better the relationship. Listen and pray for common ground.

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