What was the purpose of a dowry?


Genesis 31:15

ESV - 15 Are we not regarded by him as foreigners? For he has sold us, and he has indeed devoured our money.

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Mini Idorenyin Etuk

I feel bride price or dowry has outlived it usefulness today because it has been totally abused where I come from because of greed. In the section of Nigeria where I come from I need more money than I can save from my income to marry. Our women are literally sold by their families into marriage even extended family members who played no role in raising the woman include their demands in the list/booklet given to the man.
The greed is so bad that even when you loose a relative and go to inform the larger family they each give you a list of items they wish to collect from you. They don't mourn with you, they exploit you. I think globally there is need to put an end all these practices and show them for what they have become (evil). I have promised myself I will not be part of this wicked practice called by many tradition.
How much did God take from Adam for giving him Eve? He is the father of us all and believe in His example. How won't women be treated as property by men when they purchased from their families who equally treated them as property for sale. Let us think well about these think as Christians and support what promotes love in our communities and homes. Today many young men and women simply cohabit to get started or just go ahead to have children because they can't afford to formally marry. Can one really blame them? No, I blame the society and the churches for not speaking up. After all some churches even have their own list when they are approached to conduct a wedding or funeral. It feels sad that the world appears to be the light of the churches rather than the reverse.

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