Was Adam and Eve's sin really about eating a piece of forbidden fruit?


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Mini Billy joe Shukovsky

The fruit that was eaten is widley thought to be an apple but it was more likely to be a pomegranite, as this fruit would have been more likely to grow in the middle eastern region

November 27 2013 Report

Image Marge Tomlinson

I believe that God created us to worship (commune) with Him. The big mistake was sharing food with satan without inviting God to the table. If an invitation had been extended to Him, the outcome would have been - I wonder how different? With an awesome God that loves us without measure, I can know from experience that the blessings would have been unmeasurable!

November 27 2013 Report

Data Michael Bonner

God knows everything. He put those two trees in the Garden because He knew that HIS command not to eat from the forbidden tree would be broken. Our Father wants us to be like HIM (Gen.3:22) and we want to like Him. It was a setup, for our good. The serpent is an agent of God, he did his job and did it well.

November 28 2013 Report

Image Wayne Lewis

I think it had nothing to do with eve,nothing happened when she ate the fruit.the true test was with Adam,who would he listen to or follow eve or God, the sin was in the disobedience against God

November 28 2013 Report

Nick nicholas natwijuka

my opinion is that, if peoples mindset is on sexual organ as a symbol of the forbidden fruit, philosophically it still stands. why would eve engage in what his master (God) had forbidden her? Even today, people are told that there is HIV in extra-marital sex and they don't take heed of this warning consequently they die of AIDS.
whether the tree of life was real or used as a parable, God had an intention for his people. disobedience of any kind can lead to death.

November 28 2013 Report

Mini gloria langley

God is good. He created man in His likeness, the ability to think, to feel and to make choices. He did not need more automatons like the angels after the fall. He wanted relationship with man giving them the ability to perform certain duties and responsibilities (He does not like laziness) Adam was instructed to protected the garden. Not much to ask but he watched Eve and joined Eve in doing the only forbidden.
Although man had a close relationship and fellowshipped with G D he exercised the power of choice.
Is G D not wonderful? In that He had previously made a plan to redeem the children of Adam

December 16 2013 Report

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