Is Islam just 500 years behind Christianity?

My father in a debate is saying that what the Muslims are doing is the same thing christians were doing, it is just a younger religion.

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Stringio Colin Wong Supporter Founder, eBible.com
This question carries an implicit assumption that age is the *ONLY* difference between Islam and Christianity, and by definition to Judaism as well. 

Yes, all three religions carry the same early lineage. That is to say that they are of the Abrahamic faith. The stories of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses etc. All carry through in all three religions.

Judaism is essentially our Old Testament. Christianity is an extension of Judaism in the sense that it extends the Old Testament by way of the New Testament. But Christianity does not conflict nor reject the Old Testament. Yes we now live in an age of grace by faith, and no longer by works. But that is only because Jesus came to "complete" the law, as written in the Old Testament. In other words, our New Testament is a continuation of the narrative that started in the Old Testament. 

Islam on the other hand is a completely differently ball game. Islam, being a "younger" religion, does not extend Christianity. It in fact REJECTS Christianity. It makes claim that Jesus is not the Son of God, but merely a prophet.

Jesus is mentioned in the Koran (Islam's holy book). The Muslims do believe in Jesus, but only as a mere human, a prophet. Further, they believe their prophet Muhammad carries the actual divine will of God, and not Jesus.

Muslims and some secular circles will have you believe that Islam is the latest "version" and hence therefor the most correct of all three Abrahamic faiths. But this cannot be further from the truth. Unlike Christianity, it is not a continuation of a narrative. It very clearly rejects our New Testament AND it also rejects significant elements of our Old Testament as well.

The turning point starts with Abraham. In our narrative (both Judaism and Christianity), Isaac, Abraham's son with Sarai, carries the lineage and narrative that eventually leads to Jesus. In Islam, Ishmael, Abraham's son with Hagar, carries the lineage and narrative that eventually leads to Muhammad.

Some folks will say that proves Islam and Christianity worship the same God. Since both religions worship the God that Abraham worships, what difference does it make if you believe the Isaac line vs. The Ishmael line?

Its a difference between LIFE and DEATH. 

The big question is how has God revealed Himself to us TODAY? If you believe in a triune God (trinity), that GOD is "God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit", then that definition must surely be different from a believe that GOD is only "God the Father", and rejects the Son and Holy Spirit.

You cannot reject a part of God's identity and claim you're still worshiping the same God. 

To make an analogy, let's say you just had dinner with your friend in New York City. But on his Facebook page, there's a real-time picture of him having breakfast in Singapore and telling everyone he just moved to Singapore. Well, which is your true friend? The one you just had dinner with, or the one who is currently living in Singapore?

You can say, what difference does it make? It's still the same friend you knew 5 years ago. Is it? Of course not. Both individuals are claiming to be your friend. But one is an impostor, and the other is your true friend. Who is who?

Islam claims the god they worship TODAY is the same God that Abraham worshiped thousands of years ago. That would be true only if you believe God's story carried into Ishmael (instead of Isaac) and leading to Muhammad. But if you believe God's story carried into Isaac (instead of Ishmael) and leading to Jesus, then the God we worship today, is not the same god that the Muslims worship.

The critical differentiation is, who are we worshiping TODAY. Not who Abraham worshiped 4000 years ago.

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Cimg1043 Don Whitley Husband, father, grandpa and a Christian.
It really makes no difference. Muhammad was a lie because he was not a prophet of God. He did not practice Godly things and he did practice and advocate doing unGodly things. 

Mohammed's coming is void of Biblical prophesy. Christ is prophesied in the Bible by the use of over 150 names (Messiah, Redeemer, Holy One, etc. Isaiah 53:4-6). Mohammed was the prophet of war and Christ is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6-7). 
Mohammed's disciples killed for the faith and Christ's disciples were killed for their faith (Acts 12:2; 2 Tim 4:7). 
Mohammed promoted persecution against the "infidels". Christ forgave and converted the chief persecutor (1 Tim 1:13-15). 
Mohammed was the taker of life and Christ was the giver of life (John 10:27-28). 
Muhammad was a mere man and is in his grave. Islam is a man made religion (a world religion) based on fear. 

Christ was God on earth and taught loving your fellowman. Because He loved us so, he died on our behalf and he has no grave here on earth, but lives and rules in heaven with his Father. There is much, much more, but space and time does not allow for it right now. 

God bless.

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Raccoo Bob Johnson Layperson. Self Educated Theologically - see full bio
Allah and God are not the same God. Ishmael broke away from the family line. Down throughout the ages the line got so divided that we end up where we are today. But that's just history. If you look at the facts of their respective views of God, it is far different. God does not promise 7 virgins when you die. The Quran taught Allah is the author of evil, the Bible does not. The Quran teaches Allah changes, the Bible God does not. The Allah god does not know all things from eternity, the Bible God does. Allah is a moon god, the Bible God is god of the universe. And the biggest thing (I could name more) is Salvation: Allah requires salvation by earning it, the Bible God is Salvation by grace: just believe. We are saved by the work of Christ on the cross. Jesus' righteousness becomes ours. We don't have to first be righteous enough to get in. We don't have to "kill a Jew" to gain points until we have enough points to get in.

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Mini fran Ball
In comparing the God of Abraham and allah there are some very important differences:
God’s only begotten Son is Jesus. Allah has no begotten son.
God made salvation available by sacrificing His Son and promises salvation by grace to those who believe. Allah sacrificed nothing, and only saves if sufficient works are done, or if he feels like it.
God has a payment for sins—Jesus Christ. Allah has no payment for sins.
God’s Christ paid for the sins of mankind. Allah paid for nothing, and all men pay for their own sins.
God’s salvation is through Christ’s work. Allah’s salvation is through people’s works.
God’s saving work is, “Come to Christ.” The major part of Muslim salvation is to believe Mohammed was the sum and seal of 
the prophets.
God’s book is very different from Allah’s book. They contradict each other, so they cannot both be true. For example, the Bible says Christ was resurrected from the dead. The Muslims reject that as a lie.
God says his Son is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Allah says Christ is “only a messenger” 
There is no marriage in God’s Paradise. Faithful men get many virgins in allah’s.

This list could be multiplied many times over, but there is no point. We have a saying, if it walks like a 
duck and quacks like a duck it is a duck. God and Allah do not walk alike or quack alike. They are not the same and anyone who tries to say they are is blind to these obvious differences. To my knowledge, most Muslims do not say that allah and the God of the Jews and Christians are the same being, which is a major reason Muslims count Christians as “infidels.” Why would they say that if they really believed we were worshiping the same God?

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