Why does the Catholic Catechism omit commandment #2 (You shall not make idols) and split #10 (You shall not covet your neighbor's belongings) into two, making them #9 and #10?


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Mini Bryan Myers Minister of the Body of Christ
The Hebrews who were the original recipients of God's commands list the prohibition of idols as the second commandment of the decalogue. The Jews at the time of Jesus' earthly ministry still held to that numbering. To change the listing of God's commands clearly goes against Scripture.

To say the Martin Luther omitted a command, is not the issue as Luther's intent was never to begin a new sect or denomination. The reformation was aimed at bringing the divided parties together with the Bible as the only authority of Christ's church. This has not been the case as we now have more division than ever which gives the non-Christian community an avenue to undermine the efforts to spread the gospel.

The Roman church places tradition in high regard, equal to that of God's revealed Word. Tradition shows that the second command prohibits the making of or bowing to any image of any thing in heaven or earth. I choose to follow Scripture.

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Rev. dr orio%c3%91 001 Ndubuisi Moses
The catholics omitted the commandment #2 because the Romans are used to making of images mostly for remembrance purposes of great men and women, so since the catholic congregation is from the roman world, they saw making of image as non offensive even against the Bible or God. So in nutshell, making of images to the Romans was more like a religious act that is still ok to them. Although in their catechism it is written in the first commandment that, "I am the Lord your God, thou shall not worship other gods except me." But this still does not perfectly caution over the making or worshiping of Idols or images.

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Mini vanessa pannuti
I was born in Italy and attended a Catholic School, I was told the second commandment is merged with the first because "You shall not have any other gods besides Me" implies that you must not have idols. The tenth is split to make up the number ten in total. There are a lot of things I did not understand about the Catholic schooling. Now I happily live in Britain not attending any Church because I am scared of stumbling in the wrong one. I appreciate so much the ebible team for their service and information.

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Stringio Vincent Mercado Supporter Skeptic turned believer, Catholic, father of 3
First of all, the Catholics didn't omit commandment #2 (You shall not make idols). The prohibition on images is listed together with commandment #1.

It is more correct to say that the Lutherans omitted commandment #2. (see Luther's Large Catechism) There is no prohibition of images in the Lutheran Ten Commandments. 

Second, different religious traditions number the Ten Commandment differently. Catholics follow Augustine's list, which splits the last commandment into #9 (Lust) and #10 (Greed).

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1537039166 holly coffay
I’m answering in reference to the Catholic and Presbyterian ways of adding or splitting the Ten Commandments. 

I feel that God specifically gave Noah what HE wanted to be said. The exact wording in the exact sequence. If He wanted it changed in any way, shape or form or He would have done so by sending another another set of Commandments to Noah with His changes. 

With respect I feel it isn’t for us to change anything God has done or said. It is His domain. He created the Universe. He created us and made us so intricate that no one could or will ever be able to duplicate God’s work. In anything He has done! He has His ways of doing things just as we have been given the free will to do things our way. As we don’t like for people to change things around for us that we have done....nor does God with His SUPREME WORD.

The Ten Commandments were breathed from God and they are to be left alone and are for us to live and abide by them. Not to add or split because one denomination feels that it’s much better arranged their way.

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Mini Derrol PORTER Emancipated by the Liberating King
The question is about a Catechism, not about Scripture. Jesus actually gave us the perfect Catechism to remember [Matthew 22:36-40]. Love God with all you are and all you have and love your neighbor.

These sum up the commandments no matter how they are numbered. If we as God's children and disciples follow these principles and indeed follow their simplicity, then, as Jesus said, we will be complete and please God.

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