Can our prayers change another person's desires and hardened heart?

If someone we love dearly has run away from God but many people are praying for that person, can our prayers change their desires and hardened heart so that they may turn around and become Godly again? Or is their free will and Satan's desires for them stronger than our prayers? 

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1376696215 Pamela Jamison

Michael? This question is one that is on a lot of Christians' hearts. I believe even the power of prayer by one is more powerful than Satans attacks and his imps. Because it is "by faith not by sight" that matters. When two or more come together in his name to pray of course prayer gains more strength. It's the timing of God and not our timing that our "lost " loved one returns, all we must do is never stop praying and loving that person and make room for God's will be done.

June 21 2014 Report

Mini becca b

I believe our prayer is more powerful as well. But in today's church, we are leading Believers to think that free will and Satan are just as powerful as us standing with God. God desires his children to be saved and be close to him. He even says that the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. Effective. I think we often suffer from a lack of belief.

June 22 2014 Report

Mini K. Small

Prayer is power. If you are communicating with your Father, and have a relationship with Him continuously, seeking Him.... not just once in awhile, but a true, heartfelt, need for His will, there is no room for Satan. If you choose to read His word, stay in His word, seek His will you can't go wrong. With God's strength, Satan can not get a foothold. Amen!

July 02 2014 Report

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