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How long was a "year" in the Bible during the time of Genesis?

930=______ days

Genesis 5:16

NKJV - 16 After he begot Jared, Mahalalel lived eight hundred and thirty years, and had sons and daughters.

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Seth3 Seth Freeman
1 year as the Bible describes it would be 365 days.

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Mini John Appelt
The length of the year during Genesis can be determined by clues in the account of the Flood especially in the following references: 

The Flood began “in the 2nd month, on the 17th day of the month,” Genesis 7:11.
The waters prevailed upon the earth, Genesis 7:24, and receded from the earth, Genesis 8:3, a total of “150 days.” 
The ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat “in the 7th month, on the 17th day of the month,” Genesis 8:4. 

From the 2nd month to the 7th month are 5 months, also stated as 150 days. 
150 days divided by 5 months is 30 days. 

12 months of 30 days would make the year 360 days at that time. The problem is trying to reconcile that number with the present year being 365.2422 days, rounded off to 365.25. 

Something happened to change it. In his book, “In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood,” Walter T. Brown offered a valid explanation when he suggested that during the Flood when “the fountains of the deep were broken up,” Genesis 7:11, a subcrustal ocean rushed out of its space, causing the most severe earthquakes in the history of the earth. As it did, the overlying crustal plate or ‘hydroplates’ cascaded down. The result was that the earth began to spin faster since the diameter of the earth was reduced. He compared the effect to a figure skater spinning faster when she draws her outstretched arms inward. The earth’s faster rotation caused the shorter day. This, in turn, caused the longer year, as it now takes more time to complete its orbit around the sun.

Also, Walter Brown figured the waters from the deep recesses of the earth would, with explosive power, have jetted rocks and debris into space, some hitting the moon, thus the deep giant impact features on the side of the moon facing the earth. This would slow the moon down from a 30-day month to a 29.53-day month as observed today.

What this means is that from Creation to the Flood, the year was 360 days long and the month was 30 days. If so, these started as perfect measures of time in a perfect creation, Genesis 1:31. 

The 360-day year and 30-day month is confirmed by the records of ancient cultures worldwide. It is not known when the year became 365 days long. Jewish tradition places it in Hezekiah’s time, Isaiah 38:7-8, which was about the 8th century BC. But it is more likely the earth’s orbit around the sun had slowed long before that. 

Eventually, the different cultures began to abandon observing the 360-day year as it was no longer practical, not corresponding to the seasons. Some believe the Stonehenge and other similar circular structures were constructed to recalculate the beginning of months without reliance on the moon. 

The conclusion is that the length of the year from Creation to the Flood was 360 days, but because of the Flood, it became 365 days.

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My picture Jack Gutknecht ABC/DTS graduate, guitar music ministry Baptist church
There is such an insignificant change in the earth’s spin and revolution that the times and seasons have remained the same for the last 6000 years: 24 hour days and 365 1/4 day years (based on revolutions around the sun and revolutions of the earth.)

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