Did the rebellion of Satan occur long before the creation of man or around the same time?


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Mini David Armstrong Just a follower of Jesus. I believes the Bible is G-D's Word
Did the rebellion of Satan occur long before the creation of man or around the same time?

NIV Bible
Gen ch1v1
In the beginning G-d created the heavens and the earth.

V3 Let there be light... and he separated the light from the darkness. He called the light " day." And the darkness he call "night." And there was evening and there was morning - the first day.

V5 G-d separated water from water. He separated the water from under the vault from the water above it. And called the vault "sky" The second day.

V9 "Let dry land appear." And it was so. The gathered waters he called "seas." 

V11 "Let the land produce vegetation." Seed baring plants and trees. V13 The third day.

V14 Let there be lights in the vaults of the sky and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times and days and years. G-d made two great lights, the sun, moon and stars. The forth day.

V20 Creatures to fill the sea and birds in the sky. Fifth day.

V24 Let the land produce living creatures. God made the wild animals according to their kind.
V26 "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness to rule over the fish, the birds and over the livestock and the wild animals." (Is this indicating that he created not just one man & one woman, but men & women? Because he made all kinds of fish, birds and animals all around the world. Could he have also created men and women of different colours and in different places?) v31 This was the sixth day.

Ch 2 "He rested from all his work." The seventh day.

Now, let us consider the question.
First we must realise that before creation, there was no "time."
This was eternity, a state that our finite minds find difficult to comprehend. Yet every day we can look into the sky, and, beyond the countless stars, we look into eternity.
Since the sun, moon and stars were only created on the fourth day, we can legitimately ask, how long, how many hours did those first three days have?
Our days consist of 24 hours because that is what we have ascribed to our sun going down, then coming up and going down again. 
This no longer applies if we go into Space since we would have constant sunshine.
Satan, as a spiritual being, is not part of our time system. His rebellion took place in eternity.
Our Lord Jesus said, "I saw Satan fall as lightening from Heaven." Now think on that!
Any comments?
Dave Armstrong, Bromley, UK.

1st June 2014

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Seth3 Seth Freeman
That's one of those questions that Scripture just doesn't give any sort of indication one way or the other. Honestly, it doesn't matter at all, and so it's not surprising that we aren't told as it really doesn't have any significance on the creation story and the redemptive plan of Christ.

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Beach Jae Park
In my opinion, based on Genesis Chapter 1-3
Since God said everything was good and God rested in Genesis 1-2, 
we can assume that everything was good; no rebellion of Satan was found in the universe. [I think it would be hard to say everything is good when Satan had been rebelling against God] 

And since Satan showed up in the form of serpent in order to deceive Eve in Genesis 3:1, 
it is very possible that the rebellion of Satan happened between Genesis chapter 2 and Genesis chapter 3, after the creation of the world and before the fall of Adam. 
In my opinion, God did not reveal to us [the people of Israel] with purpose so that we can focus on God rather than Satan.

I might have to add the following with caution. 
"Some people" assumed that Satan rebelled against God before the creation of Adam and that's why the earth became formless and void [Gen 1:2]; and God had to re-created the earth from Gen 1:3-31, but in my limited opinion, 'creation and re-creation theory is not biblical when we consider the whole counsel of God.

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