What methods does Satan use to deceive us?

For example, putting thoughts in our heads.

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Stringio George Adams

Really important question!

May 06 2014 Report

Open uri20120113 17347 9mq5kn Nick Koogler

Good question and good answers.

I would only caution that we don't give to much credit to Satan. He is the Father of Lies but we are good at deceiving ourselves, as well. See James.
I see the attacks coming from the "unholy trinity."
Satan, our flesh, and the world.

May 08 2014 Report

Mini Christo Kotze

Guilt and shame is the weapons satan use.

May 17 2014 Report

Open uri20120113 17347 9mq5kn Nick Koogler

Satan will use deviations of all things good.
Love ~ Lust
Honor ~ Anger
Desire for monogamy~Jealous Rage
True Guilt (sin) ~ False Guilt (shame)
Justice ~ Selfish Manipulation
Sexual Intimacy ~ ______ fill in the blank.
I'm sure the list could go on and on.

May 17 2014 Report

Stringio George Adams

In the world today (and also the temptation of Jesus), Satan often does two things: He often tries to appeal to our wants, giving us something material to gain from these lies. Secondly, he often severs truth. In other words, he gets truth and slightly warps it, often to confuse and mislead the undiscerning heart (Matthew 4:6). He even does both these things at once. Pray for wisdom and a discerning heart like Solomon, and you will receive it (if you believe and not doubt) (James 1:5-8).

May 21 2014 Report

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