When the Bible says homosexuality is sinful, could it be referring to the lustful desire and acts toward a person of the same gender done in the absence of love, rather then the love felt between two people of the same gender?


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Mini Don Fleming

I don't believe so, I believe that God was forbidding this act
It's strange that God has mentioned it in the same breath
According to God it is an abomination
Love isn't mentioned

April 23 2014 Report

Mini Don Fleming

It's just that God mentions it in the same breath as beastiality, and there is no love between those participants

April 23 2014 Report

Mini Susan Dwyer

I am very worried that the society that should be God-Lived is coming to an end. Although God gave us free will he did not mean it to be turned around such that our society now allows men to be married to men and women to be married to women. God is all and everything, he chooses when all should come to an end. I feel God is saddened by what is happening and absolutely never meant this to happen. What has happened to us as human beings trying to follow God's laws? We have failed miserably.

June 08 2015 Report

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