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How did Pharaoh find out that Sarai was Abram's wife?


Genesis 12:18 - 19

NIV - 18 So Pharaoh summoned Abram. "What have you done to me?" he said. "Why didn't you tell me she was your wife? 19 Why did you say, 'She is my sister,' so that I took her to be my wife? Now then, here is your wife. Take her and go!

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Data Doreen Lovell Evangelist and Prayer Intercessor
Man's heart plans his path but the Lord directs his steps.Abram lied about Sarai to save his life even after he had been called by God. The soveriegn God forgives Abram's sin and plagued Pharoah and his household because of Sarai; so much so that Pharoah called Abram and rebuked him. We can therefore say that through the plagues God revealed to Pharoah that Abram was Sarai's husband in the same way today God will revealed His commnds and /or messages through the Rauch Hakodesh (Holy Spirit).

Please note that in fact Sarai was Abrams half -sister, but he twist the fact that she was also his wife.

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Data Danny Hickman Supporter Believer in The Gospel Of Jesus Christ
It isn't stated in the Bible how Pharaoh found out that Sarai was Abram's wife. We can only speculate. 
I believe Pharaoh was a little leery of trusting what Abram had said about himself and the woman with him. Maybe it was a bit odd to him what Abram had said. I believe it to be hard for a husband and wife to act in a convincing way that they are brother and sister. (Abram's grandson Isaac told Abimelech the same lie in the same place a few years later, but was busted when he was observed acting more than friendly with his wife, Rebekah (Gen 26:8).

Everything is going along just fine until this stranger and his "sister" come to town. Then the bottom falls out! What brought this on? 

This question is a tad more thought provoking than it seems at first glance. How DID Pharaoh come to discover Abram's treachery? Genesis 12:17 states "the Lord struck Pharaoh and his house with great plagues." It doesnt say 'Egypt was struck with this sudden calamity;' it happened exclusively to Pharaoh and his family. I bet it seemed contrived to the Pharaoh. "What did I do? Where did this sudden hardship come from? Why me?"

He started investigating, backtracking. It didn't take much effort to blame the "foreigner." I can hear the peanut gallery: 'That stranger brought this trouble here with him.' 
Also, there was then and still is now, a contingent of people who look for a "godly" reason when trouble visits. It is scriptures like this one that promotes that kind of thinking. 

This is one of those times when God makes a special appearance. There was an urgency to get Sarai out of that situation. (He really kills it when it's a non-speaking part.) God doesn't indubitably bring calamity into our lives when we fall short. If He did, many of us wouldn't make it out of middle school. 
Many seasoned sinners often live lives of luxury, not realizing that prosperity isn't reliable evidence of piety, and trouble doesn't necessarily mean that God is displeased with you for something you've done. 

Did God speak to Pharaoh in a dream? The Bible doesn't say.. We can only speculate.

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