Should I serve in church leadership if I still wrestle with serious sin?

I still struggle with anger, lustful thoughts, foul language, & laziness with regards to studying God's word. Should I serve in ministry? What would be an acceptable role? I do repent and demonstrate self control at most times, but when I'm at work, home, or get frustrated, I lose control a little. When I see a beautiful woman I "admire" her but I do not think of sex with her. I use curse words often in normal speach as well as explicit expressions. I drink beer causally and I ensure I do not drink to excess. I was asked by an Elder to aspire to be an elder or deacon. He knows me well but I don't think he knows my thoughts and how bad my mouth can be. I've read Titus and Timothy regarding the qualifications and I do not see how I qualify. But the Elder insists we all fall short from time to time but it is the love relationship that we seek that makes us rightiourighteous in Gods sight.

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Mini Jerry Tate

I suggest it that it isn’t “the love relationship that we seek that makes us righteous in God’s sight” but Christ’s righteousness that makes believers righteous. Resting in Christ’s performance, not our performance, will bring peace, and equip you to fulfill His purpose for your life (Elder?).

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