Should Christian women wear head coverings?


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Mini Josue Griego

I Cor 11:16 If anyone intends to quarrel about this, we have no other practice, nor do the churches of God.
God and Christ do not find pleasure in Christians quarreling over issues that are not a direct command.

December 30 2013 Report

Img 0360 Terry Gillard

I love this question!

This sorts out those who love the Lord, and those who love the traditions of the church.
I'd point out that Paul was a Jew: He always(?) prayed with his head covered - yet he suggests men be uncovered!
Yet - everything else in the whole of the New Testament shows our redemption is found in ONLY in what our God did for us. As such nothing we do (like wear / not wear hats) has ANY bearing on our salvation!
Yet this is there. And I have no answer as to why. All the explanations don't really work. Yet I will, on the authority of scripture, claim that you cannot earn or improve or in any way, nor influence your place in Christ by what you do or don't do. (Unless you deny Him, of course.)
More disappointing though is that the redemption work of Christ will barely raise a response, yet an issue like this will cause wars between churches. Are we straining at gnats whilst swallowing camels???

July 18 2014 Report

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