Is it possible to speak in tongues without being water baptized?


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Scan14 Michael Tinsley

I'm glad this topic came up although the answer I have doesn't address water baptism.

As Nathan said above, speaking in tongues is a sign for _unbelievers.
The things you see on TV and in some churches I've been to are not real.
They speak absolute nonsense with no translator to edify the congregation.
They roll and flop around on the floor as if they are having seizures which
supposedly means being 'overcome' by the Spirit.

Those performances are meant to fool the new Christian and the gullible
into thinking that's the way you're supposed to act and to take your money.
Some pastors and churches have taken Bible scripture out of context and
use their supposed speaking in tongues and twisted scripture as a way to
deceive people for their money.

So, be wary if you happen to be invited to a church which gives those kinds
of performances and tries to encourage you to become involved.

March 29 2014 Report

Data Julian Grear

Please be careful how you describe this because I have seen many people say this and get punished for it (no offense).
To begin with, it is very bad to judge a man of God especially if you are also not preaching the gospel. Secondly, I was also in that same position too and believe me there are some pastors that do that for a living, but others do it because they really are in the spirit. Even I also once was in that same mood. So it's not every church that's like that.

March 31 2014 Report

Data Julian Grear

I should've responded to you earlier sorry.

March 31 2014 Report

Scan14 Michael Tinsley

I was only talking about the programs seen on TV and my personal experiences. I didn't say all or most pastors or churches conduct themselves inappropriately.

As far as punishment, that could only come from the Lord and I don't think He'd disagree with my statements.

Most churches/pastors by far are legitimately concerned with providing the right messages to their congregations.

Some people are untrained and vulnerable enough to fall for one of these charlatans and I was warning them to be cautious.

March 31 2014 Report

Data Julian Grear

Then if you put it that way, then I'm glad you see it my way.

April 01 2014 Report

Data Julian Grear

Nathan let's continue this here. Reply here in the discussion area of you see this.

April 02 2014 Report

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