What is praying in tongues? Is praying in tongues a prayer language between a believer and God?


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Stringio Valorie Zurian

Michael Houdmann is correct. The gifts were meant as edification and encouragement to NT believers and as a sign to unbelievers. We must be mindful that the NT believers were "living the NT". It's disturbing to think what is controlling those that claim to still possess these gifts - possibly a psychological anomaly? A need for a feeling of self-worth and security? In any event, we must be ever watchful as to not be deceived.

February 21 2014 Report

Data Ursula Monroe

While I don't pray in tongues often I don't do it for self edification either. When the urge or power of the Holy Spirit to pray with sounds I don't understand (sound like utterances to me) it is totally unexpected and when I feel a need to pray for someone but don't know what for or I'm singing praises to the Lord. It just happens and it has then been followed up by supporting information of an event in that persons life that happened at that specific time I prayed! I can't explain it but it happens and I know it's the prompting of the Holy Spirit. As for singing praise to the Lord in utterances I can only say it's the only time I sing with a good voice! If for no other reason than this is a private communication between me and God who may use the utterances to remove human barriers so that the prayers may be edifying both to my spirit and to Him then so be it but I know that God is with me during those times. I don't condemn those that don't believe or have not prayed in this way as each of us must seek the Lord in our own personal way when it comes to prayer and communication in our personal prayer time. As for tongues in Church I'm not really comfortable with that as I feel the Holy Spirit is a gentleman and wouldn't speak out like that unless possibly solely a worship and prayer service and with an interpreter. I agree this is not a salvation breaker at all!

January 23 2016 Report

Me2012 Gerritt Schuitema

Some people speak glossolalia when they see cute babies. Particularly their own. Or some even dogs, etc.

My point is, I could see the infinitely more worthy Lamb drawing similar expressions of utter, enamored joy. He is the One to whom such things properly belong anyway. Not that we shouldn’t love our children and pets ;-)

May we all so overflow in our thought and meditation toward Him, for we are created for His praise (Isa 42:10, 43:21, 61:11, Ps 40, 102:18, 149, Rev 14:3)

June 16 2018 Report

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