How should I behave and respond biblically when I lose respect for my pastor?

He corrects volunteers harshly if they don't perform their work to his standards. He is disrespectful, from the pulpit, of lost people who give no thoughts to Christian moral standards. He doesn't mind doing what is "technically illegal," because, "no one will care, anyway." And, It's no big deal." He makes commitments to ministries, and then doesn't follow through, or backs out without apology or explanation. He maintains an unhealthy diet and activity level, which causes lethargy and illness, hindering him from being able to fulfill his responsibilities personally and professionally. We pray that he would humble himself to submit to the Holy Spirit, and manifest the love of Christ for the lost, and compassion for the Lord's flock.  We know that we are all "works in progress," but how would the Lord have us respond to this situation?

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