Is it OK for Christians to practice Reiki?


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The concept behind New Age healing is that there is an satanic deception that a cosmic force (demon), or a cosmic force which pervades the universe, and that people become sick when they are not properly aligned or attuned to this force. Health is presented as a holistic concept by giving a massage in a sensual way with the help of demons. The techniques to ensure a person’s sensuality, sexual arousal or deep sleep during the session to give someone a total comfort. The practitioners are paid for the hourly session. 

Reiki practitioners / New Age practitioners, claim that they are focused on the healing of the entire person through the working of the vital force and the restoration of the cosmic energy flow in patients spiritually but they are using demonic forces in fact. 

It is a common occult teaching that everything in the universe is vibrating, has sound, colour, a number and a form attached to it. These features can be used to bring about changes in an organism through the correct energy flow, and to promote healing in malfunctioning organisms. The hands are powerful tools used in occult healing. A well-known New Age author, Alice Bailey, said: “It is an occult fact that the hands of a disciple… become transmitters of spiritual energy.” Massage, acupressure, and the laying on of hands by such people can expose a patient to dangerous occult influences. 

Reiki. The word reiki basically means a balanced cosmic and energy force (satanic). The fundamental principle of how reiki works is that it dissolves the toxic energy from your aura or life force. They invoke demons to give you a physical, emotional, mental touch. It is dangerous and reiki should be avoided.

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Mini Albert Perkic
If you have Jesus why would you want to have reiki?

The reiki system which is an ancient Tibetan form of 'laying on of hands' which is opposed to biblical beliefs. 

Reiki which means rei (higher power) and ki (life force energy) claims to aid cures in virtually all illnesses including cancer. And it is taught or transferred by an instructor to another person to be used freely.

Firstly the Bible never uses the word 'reiki' or 'life force'. If you were to remotely associate the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is never called 'a force'. Jesus said :
'But when He the Spirit of truth comes He will guide you into all truth, for He will not speak on His own initiative but whatever He hears He will speak and He will disclose to you what is to be'. John 16:13. 

Seven times Jesus identifies the Spirit using the personal pronoun HE.

Reiki says that it is an amazing technique to learn and that everyone can USE it. If we recognise the Holy Spirit as the Third Person of the Godhead, we will submit to Him that He may 'use' us. We never USE the Holy Spirit. 

The healing symbol of reiki translates as : 'The buddha or (Christ) in me reaches out to the buddha or (Christ) in you to promote enlightenment and peace'. Does it mean that everybody has Christ living in them? Are we to compare Buddha with the Creator God? Was he the One who died on the Cross of Calvary for our sins?

Many false systems of belief draw the minds of people away from God, by teaching a kind of impersonal force that focuses on the individual and their abilities. But never mentions anything about repentance towards God or the need of having your sins forgiven.

Jesus on the cross is the answer to mankind's problems.

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