What are the laws of thermodynamics and how do they provide evidence for creationism?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
The laws of thermodynamics are concerned with heat, mechanical energy and the conversion between the two. All physical, biological and chemical processes known to man are subject to these two laws....

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Mini Ted Beaton Sr. Network Engineer
I think it is important to point out that the Laws of Thermodynamics and all the physical laws that govern our universe do JUST that..... They govern our universe which our God created. This implies that our God stands outside our universe so these laws do not apply to Him. They apply to our universe because that is the way God designed our universe.

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Mini William M. McCoy
Paul's statement in Romans 1, about how mankind has no excuse for not knowing God "because what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, because they are understood through what has been made. So people are without excuse." (Romans 1:19-20, NET Bible).

Basically, NOTHING should exist, because the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics proves it. Actually my college Chemistry professor stated it more understandably, as "everything in the Universe tends toward equilibrium," rather than "more disorderly" which has the connotation of "chaotic" which implies dynamic processes. Rather, my professor explained, given enough time, all tangible, physical, quantifiable things will be overcome by static inertia and will go cold and stop.

This underscores the validity of Paul's statement. A Creator can be posited from observing the physical universe. Everything in the physical realm deteriorates—tending toward equilibrium—living entities die, physical processes run out, radioactive elements expend their high-energy outer electron shells and neutralize to lead. 

If a Creator doesn't exist, nothing else should exist. There should be…nothing at all.

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Mini lynn Sander
The first law of thermodynamics would seem to support creationism. The first law states that energy is conserved. Energy can change forms or be equated to matter thru E=MC^2, but it never goes away or comes into being. This would suggest a creator is needed to bring forth "new" energy. Even Big Bang theorists try and use equations to look back to their idea of the beginning of time and can't come up with a point zero. They use terms like infinitely dense point to assume all known energy was generated thru the above equation, but they can't work it out to get back to a starting point, mathematically.

I don't think the second law of thermodynamics supports or denies creationism. The second law states that in an isolated or closed system entropy always increases. It may be easier to say that disorder always increases in an isolated or closed system. For this reason creationists try to use this law to support creationism. The problem is that the earth is not an isolated or closed system. Energy freely flows in or out. Technically the second law does not apply to the earth as an independent system. The universe may be a closed system, but not the earth. The second law does not support evolution either. The second law is indifferent.

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1385395570 Rev. Calvin Banks
Who can truly understand the laws of thermodynamics when these and other laws created by man, use word definitions that do not coincide with common terms?

From a layman's perspective, Evolution can never intelligently be equated with Creation, however, one may reasonably consider that Evolution is a byproduct of Creation. Superstition played a big role in the minds of the contradictors in that their beliefs were invented from reasonings that denied the existence of truth. In the minds of those that believe in God, this is not the case of the millions who remain silent on this age old deception. The argument is always the same old tired rhetoric, it's' either God or Evolution, as if Evolution had some kind of scientific self induced super power. 

To determine what is practical, we must first refresh our memories regarding the many synonyms listed for evolution. Then consider the greek word for evolution which is "ekselikis" which comes from the root word "ek" which means from. Evolution speaks about evolving from something that was already created. Such as biological changes in the human structure, as well as evolving plant life and the evolving of various animals. 

Evolution is not really about some other cause or reason for God's creations. We have allowed the scientific and theological societies to dictate the meaning of key words that are necessary to our full understanding of God. This prevailing attitude has created mass miscommunications and fear throughout civilized minds on earth. 

It is a fact that God created everything that was created. It is also a fact that God is no longer in the creation business, From the beginning, God set everything in order for mankind to enjoy and maintain. God is perfect and all that He created was perfect because He is God. Those that were and are responsible for maintaining the earth failed God and mankind, and we are still continuing in the same path. By proponents demanding that evolution was the process for our existence, they are disowning any responsibility to giving God His due praise and worship, simply because they enjoy the game of life but hate the relevant laws that were set by God. 

Logic teaches that after God created man and woman, He passed down to them the power to reproduce. In the reproductive process, children evolved (gradually developed from a simple to a more complex form) from Adam and Eve. Every new generation evolved from the previous generation and each generation is more complex 

Examine our plant life; plants that existed from the beginning of creation have evolved into the plants that we see today. Ferocious wolves have evolved into the beautiful dogs that we raise among our children as pets. Gentle furry cats that somehow soothes and even heals the body and souls of those who love and nourish them. All things have evolved from something that God created, or some life forms that were created have died and no longer exist. 

Because of creation and evolution, natural fuels that heat and cool our homes and businesses, water resources that provides the liquids we need for drinking and other purposes. Even the metals, wood, plastic, and rubber, when properly utilized, their quantities for our purposes, have not diminished to the point that evolution ceased to provide another useable resource. 

Rather than a continuation of the fear of acknowledging Evolution, we accept Creation as the parent and sustainer of Evolution, because without the maintenance of; development, progress, change, enlargement, evolvement, expansion, flowering, growth, increase, maturation, natural process, progression, transformation, and unfolding, this earth will cease to be.

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Mini ainsley chalmers Medical Research Scientist, devoted family man.
The first law can be stated simply by saying you cannot get something from nothing. In our universe there is a lot of something (viz matter, elements) that cannot form spontaneously from nothing. That is God is the creator of all matter and therefore He exists.

The second law says everything is breaking down and you don't need a PhD to work that out. Evolution basically states the opposite that life progress from microbes to mice to monkeys to humans. Therefore evolution is a lie and scientific studies at the molecular DNA and fossil level does confirm that. Therefore it is obvious and one can conclude that God created everything after its own kind as He says in the Bible.

In short God hands over those secularists to the futility of their minds who disbelief He created this universe. That is they become fools and end up with foolish theories on creation that we are bombarded with today.The whole of creation screams out that God exists and that His handiwork can be seen everywhere in His creation, praise His mighty name.

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 20200417 064547 Kingsley Wagbaranta
Science can not prove God. Science is just an intellectual faculty toy bestowed upon man by God. Can the creation create the creator? Can a toy have a spirit or soul even if a toy can move or fly? Pondering and wondering, testing and proving only pushes you far from Jesus Christ, who is God and God who is Jesus Christ. 

Jesus Christ came to earth as a man and was killed by the people in the world, even thou they knew him from his childhood to adulthood, he performed miracles, and one of those he healed at the childhood stage actually betrayed him. 

Life is simple. Faith is God given. God sees the heart of man/woman. If you are scientific that means you believe in something and a formula. That's a start in knowing that a supreme being exists and another realm exists.

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