Does the Bible mention the lost city of Atlantis? Is there any evidence for Atlantis?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
The City of Atlantis was a mythological island nation first mentioned in Plato's writings around 360 BC. He claimed to have based his information on manuscripts given to the Athenian Solon (638-558...

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Mini Kenneth Heck
Plato's Atlantis contains incongruous elements which have led many to believe it is a fable deliberately concocted by Plato simply to illustrate certain points about ideal government. Atlantean culture is typical of the bronze age, not of 9600 BC. Likewise, the Athenians, derived from the Mycenaean culture first appearing around 1600 BC, didn't exist in 9600 BC. Also, there is no evidence that Egyptian priests maintained records going back that far. 

Plato's specific details about Atlantis fit much more nicely with the supposition that the 9,000 year date was exaggerated by a factor of 10, so that the actual date would have been about 1500 BC. This is near the time of the height of the Minoan culture on the island of Crete. An enormous volcanic explosion on the island of Santorini (aka Thera), creating a caldera, at that time may have led to the collapse of the Minoan dominance in the eastern Mediterranean and freedom for the Athenians.

If there is any particle of truth to the Atlantean legend, Atlantis must have been involved only with the line of Cain, and perhaps went under water at the time of the Flood. Cain was driven from the face of the earth (Gen 4:14) and his descendants may have found an island where advances in government and technology were possible, even to the extent of temporarily creating an oppressive empire. 

Atlantis has become a magnet for pseudoscientific speculation, and there are many wild ideas floating around about Atlantis, such as it becoming a haven for aliens and advanced alien technology. Abusing their technology is explained as the real reason the island sank. Also, America is viewed as a partial successor to Atlantis and will be losing some land to the ocean in coming years. You can even find future maps of America on the internet showing the land lost.

From the biblical viewpoint, the mythical Atlantis can be classed with examples of God's wrath, such as the Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, and Babylon. No nation, not even the USA or Israel, is exempt from God's judgment and rebuke.

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Mini Em Hardin
Ezekiel 26 mentions a kingdom named Tyrus that God destroyed. Some of the language used infers that it's an island nation that closely resembles Plato's descriptions in his writings. Hypothetically, what if Tyrus is in fact Atlantis, and the names were just changed because of culture and etc...?

As someone else mentioned above, I didn't know this: Cain was driven from the face of the Earth in Genesis 4, so the idea of Atlantis being real has not one, but two biblical possibilities. 

All the research I've done so far links Tyrus and Atlantis together. God may have been trying to tell us, "Hey I destroyed Atlantis but it's name was Tyrus." I don't know. We won't know until we get to heaven.

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