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When did preachers/priests start wearing robes? And why?


Clarify Share Report Asked March 07 2014 Uplookb Bruce Kerr

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Stringio Gary Patton People Development Coach to Christians
How many of the practises, Bruce, adopted by early Christians, as Jesus-Following evolved into the Catholic Church, are explained and well-documented in "Pagan Christianity" by Frank Viola & George Barna. 

Their must-read "who done it" is reviewed by me on Goodreads at

The elaborate gowns are carry-overs from Roman magistrates. They became more and more elaborate and imbelished over time. 

The history behind what the traditional church still does is both fascinating …and disturbing!

You won't believe from where what church leaders call 'preaching' came. The word itself is mostly mistranslated in the New Covenant, just like the word 'church'. The verb to preach, in the original Greek, actually means 'to herald' Jesus' "Good News", which is what Matthew 28:18 says all Jesus Followers are supposed to do… not just the pulpiteers. 

Church accurately translated means "assembly' or 'gathering'.

Blessings all!

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Stringio Vincent Mercado Supporter Skeptic turned believer, Catholic, father of 3
From the very beginning of civilization, all ancient priests (Roman, Jewish, Aztec, Hindu, etc) wore special robes/vestments when offering sacrifices to their deity. The Christian priest is no different. 

The garments of the High Priest to God are described in Exodus 28 and 29. Over a robe of checker work the High Priest wore a garment called an 'ephod'. It was made of linen with gold, blue, purple and scarlet. It was intended for both the front and back of the body and made in two parts, which were clasped together at the shoulder by two onyx stones set in gold. Each of these onyx stones was engraved with names of the twelve tribes of Israel. 

The front and back of the ephod were made to be as one garment by a sash or girdle, which was tied about the priest's waist. This was also of blue, purple, and scarlet linen intertwined with golden threads.

Over the ephod the High Priest wore a breastplate which was a pouch about 22-cm square made of beautifully woven material. On the front of the breastplate were fastened twelve precious stones in four rows of three. On each of these stones were engraved the name of one of the tribes of Israel.

The Priests officiating in the Holy Place wore these garments: A long tunic (the embroidered coat) with sleeves of white linen, woven throughout without seam, white trousers from hip to thigh, a white linen hat or mitre wound like a turban, but cone-shaped, and a sash or girdle woven in the same material as the veil.

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