What does the Bible say about people who are transgender?

I'm not a transgender, but I'm just curious, because God only made male and female. So where does this other "gender" came from?

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Stringio Vincent Mercado

People who experience same-sex attraction are not born that way.

A number of researchers have sought to find a biological cause for same-sexual attraction. The media has promoted the idea that a "gay gene" has already been discovered, but in spite of several attempts none of the much publicized studies have been scientifically replicated.

Same-sex attraction is a symptom.

Individuals experience same-sex attractions for different reasons. In the histories of persons who experience same-sex attraction, one frequently finds one or more of the following:

Alienation from the father in early childhood,
Mother was overprotective (boys),
Mother was needy and demanding (boys),
Mother emotionally unavailable (girls),
Lack of rough and tumble play (boys),
Dislike of team sports (boys),
Sexual abuse or rape,
Social phobia or extreme shyness,
Parental loss through death or divorce,
Separation from parent during critical developmental stages.

Same-sex attraction is preventable.

If the emotional and developmental needs of each child are properly met by both family and peers, the development of same-sex attraction is very unlikely. Early identification and proper professional intervention, if supported by parents, can often overcome the gender identity disorder.

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