How does one repent of adultery when they have married a divorced person?


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Mini Sabrina El Schaeddhaei

All repented sins shall be forgiven except the sins of blasphemy against The Holy Spirit Mark 3 : 28-29. Jesus forgave the sin of the woman caught on the very acts of adultery(John 8: 4-11) We have to also explore the grounds of their divorce before they remarry. Were they both Christians before they divorced and did they obtained their divorce in blatant disobedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit and contrary to the teachings of The Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostles on the subject of divorce? If the couple had been divorced due to no disobedience of their own and no infidelity nor life threatening violence which could have led to murder on their part ( James 2: 11-13) or divorce because they don't want to stay with an unbeliever when the unbeliever wanted to stay in the marriage ( 1 Corinthians 7:12-16) then they have not committed adultery for the remarriage if both parties have been a victim of biblically illegal divorce (Mathew 19:9, Mark 10:4-12 and Luke 16:18) and they want to remarry, I belief they are not guilty of adultery and they should confess their wrong doings in their previous marriages before The Lord and ask for forgiveness and move forward in the leading of the Holy Spirit. God is merciful, faithful and just.
Pastor Sabrina El-Schaeddhaei - London UK

February 13 2014 Report

Mini John Krysiuk

I like this comment especially the reliance on the Holy Spirit for the correctness of the course a person takes. The completeness of the forgiveness implied. I have a problem like this however when the Bible ascribes a high value to something such as marriage and the sacredness of the union itself and plainly states that it should not be torn by us what position are we occupying when we do otherwise. Can this really be lead by The Spirit?

February 13 2014 Report

Mini Alicia Kazansky

So, lets say I have had three husbands. Two were adulterous , so divorce resulted. The third husband past away and I am entering into another marriage soon. Is this saying that since I didn't discuss the first two husbands with the third I had become an adulterer? Since my third past away, I became a TRUE Christian and circumstances has led my fiancé and me to believe God put us together, having met at church. Is my past marriage history going to come back and "get Me"???

February 28 2014 Report

Mini Steve Schneider

Alicia Kazansky,
God joins two people in wedlock and no man can separate the two. There are only two reasons stated for a person being allowed to remarry, adultery and death. This is irrespective of when the marriages occurred.

People misquote scripture which makes our personal study of the Bible very important. We are commanded to show ourselves approved, we are to know what the Bible says for ourselves.

First I want to say that you can only have one marriage at any particular point. It is impossible to have more than one spouse. A person may be living with a government-allowed remarriage but if the first marriage did not end because of the two reasons stated above then God sees you as still being married to the first and therefore the government-allowed remarriage is an adulterous relationship.

If you were married, regardless of the number of times and each one ended due to your spouse either committing adultery or dying you are free to remarry.

If you were in an adulterous relationship which caused the marriage to dissolve, you are not allowed to ever remarry unless it is with the original husband. Some may attempt to use the old law and combine it with the New Testament to try and prove their point but one must be very careful. The old testament was fulfilled when Jesus died on the cross and we are no longer bound by it rules and instructions. There is no need for it, the new law is sufficient.

October 06 2014 Report

Image Mike Joshua

The more I read about this and listen to opinions on it (not necessarily in this forum) the more I try to stay silent when I hear about this happening in someone's life because there are many many facts about each unique case that I know nothing about. We as human beings form opinions based on bias, and prejudice - wrongly.
Scripture is absolutely correct and it is not up for discussion.

It is sad but I would like to suggest that we as Christians we are quicker at judging and criticising than getting alongside the person involved in the divorce/marriage breakdown and just asking how they are, is there anything we can do to help.

Christ would do this, I'd like to try to do the same.

June 24 2015 Report

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