Why do pastors accept money during their sermons?


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Mini Erica Cain

When you hear a word that your spirit is awakened by you sow a seed to that word to physically show and say, " My spirit is in direct alignment to what you are saying, God!"

March 14 2014 Report

Stringio Joe cattani

My church takes the offering in the middle of the sermon. I don't like it, but I can certainly liive with it. But what really saddens me, and I don't participate in, when the pastor asked everyone to raise up your offering to God. God knows what I am about to give. The only purpose I can see, is intimidation, trying to shame or embarrasse someone that for what ever reason is not giving. It bothers me so much I sometimes think of finding another church. I'm not the type to run, but at the same time, I wonder is it worth the fight. Im not sure what I should do.

March 15 2014 Report

Mini Kristen Crist

My church has a special time during service for the offering plate during special music or a short video clip is shown.

January 01 2015 Report

Mini Stephen Sampson

I want to ask, the offering dropped during or when a pastor is preaching the word of God, what happens to the money? Is the money for the church for the work of God, or does it go into the preacher’s pocket?

January 08 2020 Report

Closeup Jennifer Rothnie

For many local church groups. the offering goes towards many things:

- Benevolent charity in the church and community
- Building maintenance and mortgage payments
- Staff salaries so those people can focus on the administration and spiritual health of the church group
- Funding mission work and church planting
- A small portion to fund fellowship events
- Materials such as bulletins, hymnals, stuff for the kid's classrooms, etc.

Not every local church divides it up in the same way. Some churches do not pay staff, for example, or others fund missions but don't help in the community, or vice versa.

Regardless, Christians can choose whether or not they want most of their giving to be to a local church group to distribute, or to distribute their own charity more directly. Transferring it is less work, but not necessarily as efficient, personal, and open to the Spirit. And local churches that claim they are owed a 10% tithe are just distorting scripture. Modern "tithing" is nothing like the OT tithe, and we now give cheerfully and not under compulsion.

My local church doesn't 'pass' an offering but rather has offering boxes outside the auditorium that people can drop money or checks in, or people can give online. Interestingly enough, giving increased a great deal once the 'offering plates' were done away with!

January 08 2020 Report

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