How do I start speaking in tongues after accepting christ and seeing the wonders of His works?


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Mypicture Michael N Dineen

Not my opinion --Bible truths --After salvation, ask Jesus to baptize you in the Holy Spirit, and you will speak in tongues.

December 16 2015 Report

Closeup Jennifer Rothnie

Not everyone receives the gift of speaking in tongues (I Cor 12:27). It is merely one gift of many for the building up of the church. Primarily, it is used as a sign for unbelievers, but it can be edifying to believers as well if there is interpretation for it. I Cor 12-14 is a good place to start for reading about the place of the gift of tongues in the church.

The Holy Spirit gives everyone different gifts. There are spiritual gift tests you can take to help figure out which ones you might have, but often the best way is to talk to Christian mentors in your life about how they see God working in you, and how your gifts and skills might work in the church.

April 26 2016 Report

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