Does the pastor of the church receive all the tithes?


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Stringio Ermesto Fuentes Jr.

brethren,to make it simple understanding,tithes offering goes to all expenses of the church.like electric bill,water bill,payment for the rental building and food.and some money use to reach out the loss soul in remote area.

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Final avatar marcus hoggard

He better not and a tithe is also in the form of helping and giving your time. Church today has become a business!

January 18 2014 Report

Stringio John DeVries

Tithing "as the spirit leads" is a wrong scriptural understanding. Tithing is a holy trust honoring and giving which Abraham understood some 400 years before the Old Testament laws were given via Moses. Tithing is set out in God's holy Word. It is a recognition of honoring Jehovah Jireh, the Lord our supply in a trust covenant. (Gen. 14:20) Jacob also understood and practiced this. (Gen. 28:22)

Since "all" scriptures are profitable for doctrine, Malachi 3:9-10 applies to all of us. We rob God of His honor in blessing us His children when we avoid a trust and love covenant of tithing. The inappropriate usage of tithing is a huge problem. To deal with that we need to understand ministry and church funding per scriptural norms, which are different from what is commonly practiced.

January 18 2014 Report

Mini Meshack Gachago

It is not only the "tithe Money" that can be abused in the church even free will offering can. To create a picture that tithe should not be given because it is usually abused in not correct. Tithe is the basic minimal anyone believer can give but it is not forced just like any other giving should not. To judge the motives of those who teach tithe or give it, is not a NT heart or our part to do. I do not think it is an issue of those who give this or that are better than those who do not, but all should worship God in giving that is most appropriate to them beginning with a basic minimal of a tithe if possible. Asking for offering and teaching on giving is also allowed as Moses did in the OT and Jesus and Paul in the NT. The key is motive, purpose and attitude of giving more than the how!

January 21 2014 Report

Open uri20131218 28010 upmtgy Florence Mvalo

Tithing is of faith and not of law therefore it can not be forced. As a Christian it is not for u to try and trace who uses the money or what is it used for because once u tithe and open eyes to follow up on yo tithe it becomes of no value. Acc to the bible tithe goes to the pastor or priest. Abraham did that when he saw Melchizedek who is the high priest. He gave him 10% of what he had

January 22 2014 Report

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