How can I follow Christ as a teenager in a non-believing family and honor my parents?

How can I stay true to my faith when my family shuns it? I do not have the courage to evangelize them. But in a society where religion seems taboo in youth, how can I live each day for Christ and stay strong in faith even though I am mocked? And if my family are not Christian, will I be forced to leave them behind in my salvation, though I love them wholly? 

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Have you follow what Christ told you to do? A nobel child of GOD, sit down with the Lord and wait on him. He will guide you as well as the Holy Spirit that is in you. Jesus Christ was and still is hated by many people. Forgive me for being blunt but as children of GOD we will face hardship betrayal. We are in out last days now is the time to pray and pray and pray some more then stand and wait on the Lord. The Lord is doing a work right now in your family that
we can not see but is occuring. Just keep your eyes on him.

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