How do we reconcile scientific evidence and theistic evolution?


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Seth3 Seth Freeman
I think the greater question is how do you reconcile theistic evolution with Scripture. And that, I don't think can be done without throwing out the entire Genesis narrative and suggesting that the entire account must be metaphor.

One problem with that idea is that people like Jesus doesn't treat the Genesis account as metaphor. He treats Adam as if he was a real person. 

Another problem is that evolution necessarily removes the uniqueness of mankind as created in the image of God. 

I recommend checking out answersingenesis.org

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Mini gareth mccombe
its my view that the bible and evolution cant coexist. Now dont confuse evolve with adapt, i support adaptation, i think its a clever way that god designed to make sure animals dont go extinct when the environment changes, without it the ecosystems all over the world would be a tad unstable, brittle and vulnerable.

when a christian supports evolution you have to question what god says is very good. Is billions of years of death,competition to live and suffering "very good" in order to reach man kind, i dont think so.

so a christian who supports evolution also ha to deal with the many controversial and quite frankly flawed interpretations that evolutionists face, along with many problems such as dating methods

when predicting what happened in the past you have to interpret the evidence through your worldview...you have to. So the problem with dating methods for evolution is that they have already decided what the time scale is and then they pick the dates they get from the likes of carbon dating to suit the all ready redetermined time scale...its utter hypocrisy. You decide what happened in the past then you pick your results, it makes no sense. 

also evolution through natural selection might sound good...but the problem is that mutations dont work the way all the evo guys say they do, it just isnt the way it happens.

one more point is this, with the superiority of creationism, why oh why would you want to resort to evolution, i mean do not be fooled to think that the bible has no claims to science, many a person is fooled into thinking that theres science and then theres faith.
please please visit this website www.creation.com
they are without doubt the best website i have ever come across, and dont be fooled, they only employ scientists with PHD's across every subject of science you could think of, they have 10000'ss of articles ranging from the ice age to dinosaurs to bad agruements to use in an argument with an evolutionist to dating methods, they are brilliant and when you read it you will no longer resort to chopping the bible (and gods character) into pieces just to fit a worldview, you will find that theres one already waiting for you....one which is superior and you will find your faith in god strengthened! 

god bless

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