What is the creature behemoth?


Job 40:1 - 24

NLT - 1 Then the Lord said to Job. 2 “Do you still want to argue with the Almighty? You are God’s critic, but do you have the answers?”

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►Job 40:15

Critics and naturalists have studied this passage and concluded that either the elephant or hippopotamus is meant. Some difficulties remain, however, for parts of the description don't fit either animal. Perhaps it refers to an animal that is now extinct. Beasts of tremendous size roamed the earth in prehistoric times. Bones have been found to indicate a creature 25 feet tall and 60 feet long. Its toe bones were about 3 feet long and one tooth weighed 4 lbs. 8 ozs. The fact that behemoth was "chief of the ways of God" (Job 40:19) suggests that it was something more than an elephant or a hippopotamus. 

► A Sixteen-fold Biblical Description of Behemoth:
1. He eats grass like an ox (Job 40:15). 
2. His strength is in his loins (Job 40:16). 
3. His force is in his belly. 
4. His tail is like a cedar (Job 40:17). 
5. The sinews of his stones are wrapped together. 
6. His bones are as strong pieces of brass (Job 40:18). 
7. His bones are like bars of iron. 
8 He is chief of the ways of God (Job 40:19). 
9. He can be killed by the sword of God (implying that it would be difficult for man to kill him). 
10. He feeds upon the mountains (Job 40:20). 
11. He lies under shady trees (Job 40:21-22). 
12. He lies in the reeds and fens (swamps). 
13. He feeds in the willows of the brook (Job 40:22). 
14. He drinks a great amount of water (Job 40:23). 
15. He is a slow-moving creature. 
16. Man cannot take him off guard or take him in a snare (Job 40:24).

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1355970312 Ron Ray
In my humble opinion, I believe that the behemoth described in the book of Job is a Brachiosaurus or a relative of that series of dinosaur. The language speaks of legs of iron and a tail like a cedar tree. Many theologians who stand with the evolutionists believe this imagery describes a hippo or an elephant. A simple look at the tail of those large beasts which look more like fly swatters shows that they are not the animal being described. 

However, if you investigate North American archaeology in this area, you will see ancient Native American images carved into stone that look like the brachiosaurus.

Likewise with the Leviathon, the description matches a dinosaur many referred to as a pre-historic water dragon. A well known zoologist believes the description most closely fits the thalattosuchian, a large sea version of a crocodile that has supposedly been extinct for over 100,000 million years.

Look at the pictures (evidence) and then draw your own conclusion.

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Stringio Eliakim Zacarias
The footnote in the Bible of my fathers describes the Behemoth monster as the hippopotamus.
(PS.: This bible was wrote before 1995 and it is the "Almeida Revisada e Fiel" version in brazilian portuguese).

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Stringio Be Betz
I've heard it explained by biblical author and teacher; Ken Ham, behemeth refers to the dinosaur.

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