Where is the Holy Spirit located in us?

Can you provide Bible verses to support your position? 

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Mini Bette Carlson

When I wrote recently about God's anger, I was speaking about Him being angry at His born again children when they sin. I do not believe that God shows anger towards His chosen children. I am fully aware that God does get angry; that's in the Bible and I know it. However I personally think God is more patient with His children when they sin. We all sin each day and I think that God would be more apt to do a "When will they learn?" and know we will confess our sins and He will forgive us, rather than getting angry with us each time we sin.

As for non-believers, yes I believe He gets angry especially when they are hurting His children. The "fun" in a discussion is getting a lot of people's thoughts and figuring out the answer from our discussion. We learn by figuring it out ourselves not being given the answers all the time! Just my thoughts as I have yet to see a discussion going on in any questions I have followed.

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