Can I take my medication while fasting?


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Mini linda rodriquez

When fasting you abstain from freshly pleasures. King David fasted by not eating food as most do today. Taking medicine is not considered pleasurable like eating is so do take your meds. Also remember fasting does not bend God's arm, so to speak, to make him do things for us. God has already done everything He's ever going to do. Fasting enables us to focus on God and His Word more and to seek Him more diligently. Fasting denies the freshly appetite enabling your born again spirit to gain the ascendancy! Praise God.

January 04 2014 Report

Stringio Josh Fields

Well said linda. I dont understand why people think starving themselves makes God do more for them lol. I think you hit the nail on the head with the practice of fasting.

January 06 2014 Report

Data Oluwatoyin Ajibose

Point of correction Mr. Josh Fields, fasting for whatever purpose is not and should not be regarded as starvation. Fasting is a spiritual exercise, it is a catalyst for spiritual growth and empowerment, please read Mark 9: 14-29. Hardly can any spiritual attainment be achieved without fasting and prayer. Most of the patriarchs of old fasted for one reason or another. Situations abound in the bible where God made up His mind about nations and people to destroy them. This same God often times changed His mind concerning His decision when such nation or people go to God in sackcloth and ashes upon their heads and sought the face of God in FASTING AND PRAYER. Read Jonah 3:1-10. Jer 36:1-9. Moses, and the children of Israel fasted during their journey to the promised land. Our Lord Jesus Christ who is God himself fasted often and that was one of the reasons why He succeeded in His earthly ministry. You may also read Esther 4:16-5:1-3. Acts 14:23. Luke 2:36-37. Joel 1:14; 2:15-25.

There is no way any child of God can successfully walk with Him without giving himself or herself to regular, purposeful fasting. It is an act of submission, humility and brokenness and not starvation. May God give us understanding in Jesus' Name. Amen

January 07 2014 Report

Mini linda rodriquez

Please get out of the old testament (covenant). Fasting today does not bend God's arm or force Him to do anything. If that were so we would have something to BOAST about (works). Jesus said that whatever we desire when we pray, BELIEVE that we receive it and we shall have it. Fasting doesn't promote spiritual growth. Daily Renewing one's mind by the Word of God promotes spiritual growth. Prayer and fasting is a means of seeking and spending quality, set aside time to talk with God and hear from Him more clearly apart from the ordinary daily routine of life. Amen.

January 07 2014 Report

Mini Kristen Noel

I disagree. When you fast, you’re expecting God to move. [“But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” Mathew 17:21

December 23 2019 Report

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