Why is circumcision only for the males? Why is it done on the male reproductive organ?


Genesis 17:23

ESV - 23 Then Abraham took Ishmael his son and all those born in his house or bought with his money, every male among the men of Abraham's house, and he circumcised the flesh of their foreskins that very day, as God had said to him.

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Mini Joel Sowu

My take on the issue is simple.It was God who put the foreskin on the male organ and inHis own wisdom has used it for a covenant.As Christions ours is to have faith and Trust And Obey

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Data Danny Hickman

Here's the thing; this is what I believe about this kind of thing: MANY of us who position ourselves as people in concert with God, are in league with the church or some other "christian" organization. That doesn't translate to believing the bible to be God's word on life. It also doesn't mean you're a person with a penchant for prayer.

The bible is crystal clear about where and how circumcision originated. Out of a clear blue sky, God told Abraham that circumcision would be a sign of the covenant between Himself and Abraham's family. So how can anyone question the validity of circumcision? To do so is to question the authenticity and truth of the scriptures.

A circumcised baby is more cranky than an uncircumcised baby, I suppose. That's what I've heard in this part of town for most of my life. Never mind that it was instituted by God Himself. There are ways around that: claim that it was an ordinance for Israel only; "God never told anyone in West Africa to circumcise their boy babies." Stuff like that!

As far as I know, God didn't introduce Himself to the world in West Africa, East Asia, North America, Australia, South America, or any other part of the world except a place called Canaan. He then let His word, His celebrity, His fame if you will, multiply from there through the people He chose through which to accomplish His purpose.

If you want to distinguish yourself as having a level of supremacy, tell a man to "circumcise" himself and his family..
Works for me!

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Data Danny Hickman

What is it about the foreskin of a man?

David fell in love with king Saul's daughter, Michal. Saul started scheming...

David asked Saul's servants about what amounted to "a bride's price," something he could give the father of the bride, which was Saul. In an attempt to get David killed, Saul told his servants to tell David he wanted "a hundred foreskins of [their enemies] the Philistines"... (1 Sam 18:25)

David "was pleased" with the chance to become Saul's son-in-law, so he went and killed 200 Philistines and brought all two hundred of the foreskins "which were given in full number to the king..." (vs 27)

David doubled the requested price!!

Why foreskins?

A man's greatest source of pride is his genital. It isn't his height, his full head of hair, or the size of his feet or hands. It's his genital! To be killed and have his genital mutilated is the vertex of a man being put to shame.

To do it to yourself willingly as a show of submission to the One requesting it to be done, is a great show of compliance. I don't think there's a better way for a man to show his (physical) deference to God.

Abraham was 99 years old when he had it done!! (Genesis 17:24)

Why is circumcision only for males? Because there's nothing about a woman's womb that is a source of pride to her, besides having a baby born from it. A woman is greatly humbled when she is barren.

Not all men can father a child. It's called being infertile. (Azoospermia) It's never even mentioned in scripture.

March 06 2022 Report

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