Does "very good" mean "perfect"?

In Genesis 1, God states multiple time that His creation is "very good". But what exactly does "very good" mean? It seems to have a different meaning than perfection, so that:
- very good ≠ perfection
- very good < perfection

Though, the expression "very good" is often used as evidence that there was no [animal] death before the Fall, that everything was flawless, perfect.

Then, what is the true meaning of "very good"? Does this expression makes room for some imperfections, since "very good" is less good than "perfection"?

Genesis 1:31

LS1910 - 31 Dieu vit tout ce qu'il avait fait et voici, cela était très bon. Ainsi, il y eut un soir, et il y eut un matin: ce fut le sixième jour.

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