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Who are the other sheep in John 10:16?


John 10:16

ESV - 16 And I have other sheep that are not of this fold. I must bring them also, and they will listen to my voice. So there will be one flock, one shepherd.

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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
To understand who the "other sheep" from John 10:16 are, we must begin with the context of the verse and examine the whole passage. We know from many Bible passages that sheep are a symbol of true ...

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Mini Shay Durham Ranch manager, landscaper, carpenter, sinner... : )
As for the question "Who are the sheep in the other pin?" 

No Scriptures back who they might be exactly. They could be the gentiles (non-Hebrew roots or people that don't even know they have Hebrew roots). 

They could be the ELECT, and also "the sons of GOD", the first of all mankind who will come onto the scene at a time when all seems lost to bring true believers together, in a way not thought possible in this age. These guys are like a multiplied Biblical repeat of John the Baptist, except no one can put their heads on a platter! 

The son's SERVE THE KING, not the churches, not the people. They are of a very different mind set than Christians of this age who are Christians but have been soaked in mans ways that often block things that should have never been forgotten. It's not about placing blame, it's about recovery of spiritual riches that make all of this worlds treasures seem as ashes. Do you see a very distinct sheep of another pin? Maybe? 

The Son's KNOW the GOVERNANCE of the KINGDOM soon to COME. These Son's have been taught by FATHER GOD/ KING YAHSHUA (JESUS CHRIST) HIMSELF. They NO NOT of mans TEACHINGS! It's not even allowed! 

These son's have ONE OMNIPOTENT TRUTH forever branded inside them and they will place their physical and eternal lives on the line to defend it. These sons know the darkness as well as they do the LIGHT, for a very specific reason! These Sons do not hold to ANY of the earthy attachments of mans religions, denominations, traditions, nor do they cling to the material treasures of this age in any quantity. These sons only KNOW ONE FAITH, ONE BELIEF, ONE very distinct ARCHITECT of the UNIVERSE and there are NO variables in them. These sons KNOW a worship NOT of this age. These are the ones who give hope in a place and time where hope won't be easy to come by... 

They have a lost teaching in them that defines the facts of who they are and they will be greatly needed in a time that may not be far down the road. 

Are the Sons the people in the other pin? No one can really say, but time will expose what needs to be known. 

All is given in perfect timing from a perfect KING! 

When you don't understand, just praise HIM anyway! 

All of mankind needs to go back and FIND themselves and THE GOD, our FATHER who has never changed. Mankind is changing at warp speed so it's not rocket science to think mankind hasn't lost touch with our CREATOR. The Hebrews lost touch with FATHER GOD and Moses in less than 40 days and things went very wrong! Now add 6500+ years to that, 2000+ years since GOD walked the earth in the flesh of HIS SON and gave HIS LIFE BLOOD as the ultimate sacrifice that ENDS DEATH in days to come! 

Also lets not forget the help of an Imitator and an adversary of GOD running this physical age. We are racing for times where Scripture is going to scream back to life and millions (maybe billions) are not gonna understand simply because they have become ONE with this world, their churches, their traditions, their religious culture, and thousands of variations of THE GOD of SCRIPTURE.... Sadly that equals 2000+ versions of golden calfs grazing in lost in a world we were never to become part of. 

FATHER GOD can fix this for those who allow it. Otherwise a really bad day is coming for lots of "good people." It's all wrapped in the choice of FREE WILL, however FREEDOM is NEVER FREE. 


Give em hope, never hate. So be it. 


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Mini Kenneth Heck
After the compulsory removal of the Israelites from their land by the Assyrians and Babylonians, they began to proliferate in large numbers outside the Holy Land. Babylon became a center of Jewish learning and Egypt at Alexandria and Elephantine developed thriving communities. Paul himself was born in Tarsus, a Greek gentile city. The diverse make-up of the crowd at Pentecost (Acts 2:9-11) indicates that Jews even lived outside the Roman empire. The controversial Mormons also employ John 10:16 as part of their story of their origin. 

These groups living outside the Holy Land would qualify as "other sheep." Notice that the verse doesn't imply that Christ actually visited these groups before his resurrection, only that they will eventually hear his voice and become part of the one flock under one shepherd.

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