Why did Adam say he was naked in Genesis 3:10?

Genesis 3:7 states they had already made aprons of fig leaves. 

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Mini Lisa v

This is like a comparison to our sin.
Adam knew he was naked. And although he made an apron of leaves as a covering, he knew it wasn't good enough. He knew he was exposed, he knew he was still naked to God.
Just like when we sin. We are exposed and naked to God, and nothing we do is going to be good enough to cover it.
Only blood can cover it! Hence, why blood had to be shed in order for God to give Adam and Eve skins to properly cover themselves.
It aligns with how only blood can cover our nakedness from sin.
Only the precious blood of Jesus covers us!

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Q jcryle001 JD Abshire

Amen Lisa! Although it was demonstrated and preached several thousands of years ago it is still the same and only Gospel that saves today!

December 08 2013 Report

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I guess when one feels, she/he was naked is the totally admitting that he/she had sin against Almighty God...When our innocent, pure, obedience, peace patience, understanding, trust, hopes and love was corrupted against God and we feel guilty of what we have done to our Almighty God..then i think even if we have coverings or clothes..we feel naked in the eyes of our God...we might not aware of it, and even if we accept being sinner/repent, and loving Jesus..remembering he saves us to reconcile with our God..and thus even if were naked..we wont feel the shame rather being one in the unity of our Creator..thus i guess even if we did`nt do wrong, the wrong doing of humankind is were responsible .. because they are same human being like us...and should remember that if we just being obedient and trusting & loving our God creator..these things like killing, murder, lies, deceive, corrupt etc. should not happen...have you feel naked now in the eyes of our Almighty God...you should know we are not perfect..and the only perfect being live, who surpass these curse body whose trust, obedience,hope,faith & love remain is only Jesus Christ...

December 08 2013 Report

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