How can a Christian comfort an unbeliever who lost a non-believer relative?

Initially, a non-believer does not accept the idea that there is a Hell. If they do, they usually think that only "very bad people" are sent to Hell. 

They also usually think that "good" people are going to Heaven. They try to find comfort in believing that the close relative they lost to death is now in Heaven because he was a nice person. 

Unfortunately, the truth is that anyone who does not place their faith in Jesus Christ is going to Hell, no matter how "good" he was.

So, how do we comfort and share the Gospel to an unbeliever who just lost a nonbeliever friend? How do we talk about the fact that his friend is in Hell, without pushing him away from God?

- How do we tell a mother who just lost her only son in a car accident that he is now burning in Hell for all eternity?
- What do we say to a daughter who just lost her mother due to cancer?

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Stringio Bruce Morgan

How do you answer the person who wants to be reunited with their loved one, so is "willing" to go to hell to be with them for eternity, when their own time comes?

July 24 2014 Report

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