Has God broken His covenant with man, that He shall never again flood the earth? Why are many people dying because of floods all over the world today?


Genesis 9:15

ESV - 15 I will remember my covenant that is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh. And the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh.

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Mini william j steel

God has not broken the Covenant mankind Have. While God did make this promise it was conditional, in that if we love Him we will keep His commandments Jhn 14:15, firstly all creation was called to Love God and secondly to love his neighbor to remain in the covenant Matt 22:37-40, these two Commands are the greatest of all commandments. Both these commands have been broken, not only has the world become lovers of self, but have fallen to idol worship, and practiced a form of Godliness and have denied the power of God 2Tim 3:1-5. We are warned not to be lovers of the world because it is passing away, but to be lovers of the living God who abides forever 1Jhn 2:15-17.

There are a couple of things we should consider if we want to answer this question, 1) Jesus is the second person of the God Head; 2) in Matthew 24 He makes several statements regarding His return and the End Times which we are now in Matt 24:36-44. All the Nations will mourn because they face judgement Rev 1:7-8.

There is much more we could say here about this question, but the space does not allow it, The most important point for us to grasp here is, that Jesus is Lord the beginning and the end Rev 1:8. Therefore, Jesus warns us that the "End will Come" and there will be floods, famine and gnashing of teeth, therefore, we must be prepared Matt 24:4-8. Yes He is coming soon and we are challenged to keep Rev 22:12-16 While in the storm we are to keep our eyes on the Alpha and the Omega. God bless and stay blesse

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Stringio James Dancer sr

It is plain in reading the scripture, he said the waters would not destroy "all" flesh. It did not say "no" flesh. The scripture is very clear.

December 06 2013 Report

Stringio LM OB

God covenant did not remove storms floods and such but He said they will not overtake. My faith believes God provides the provision to weather the storms not stop them from happening.

December 30 2013 Report

Mini Kinder de Deus

I believe that there is a very interesting clue here. Satan has staked his entire existence on trying to portray God as a liar. "Yeah, hath God said....?"

I believe that he will attempt to create a devastating tsunami that will be massive in proportion. This will be much bigger than the one in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. (Perhaps Canary Islands?)

Of course, his corrupt mouthpieces on earth will attempt to place the blame on God implying that He has indeed broken His covenant. This evil person will then propose a more "benign" alternative theocracy led by the man of sin, the son of perdition. Those who do not worship him and take his mark will be hunted down. This wicked person will declare himself as God as it is written.

Blessings to my brothers and sisters in Christ from every kindred, nation, people and tongue.

May peace and joy in the Holy Ghost rest upon us and may God guide us into all truth and understanding in these perilous times.

In the blessed name of the One, True Saviour, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of the Living God. Amen.

December 05 2021 Report

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