When Moses, David, or any who cried out to the Lord, was it audible (people could hear him) or was it in his thoughts (only God can hear him)?


Exodus 17:4

NKJV - 4 So Moses cried out to the LORD, saying, "What shall I do with this people? They are almost ready to stone me!

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1390154224 Sandra Atueyi

Exodus 17:4 explains that Moses mildly answered them. It is folly to answer passion with passion; that makes bad worse. God graciously appeared to help them.

February 21 2014 Report

Mini Rick Phillips

Jesus give us an example on tine in prayer being one hour. We are not hear by our many words right? I work getting up extra early is hard; with this in mind do we have to pray for an hour? ten, fifteen mints should be good enough right.

February 22 2014 Report

Mini vanessa pannuti

Thinking about Luke 18:11 I assume God hears what is said in one's heart. Otherwise how would people who are born deaf and mute pray? But I suppose that in the above context it was audible.

October 31 2014 Report

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