If you have sex before marriage should you get re-baptized once you get married?


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Seth3 Seth Freeman
No. premarital sex is a sin just like lying, running a red light, or calling someone a jerk. It may be a more damaging sin than the ones I mentioned, but sin is still sin. 

If you needed to get re-baptized because of sin, then we would be getting re-baptized every single day.

What you should do is repent and ask forgiveness. But getting re-baptized won't accomplish anything. Forgiveness comes from Christ, not baptism.

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Mini Justin Blaney
Only faith in Jesus can save someone from their sins. Not baptism. 

Baptism is an outward expression of the faith one has inside them. Each person who believes in Jesus is called to become baptized, but baptism is not required to be saved. In some cases, baptism is not possible for believers. For example: if one accepts Jesus on their way to be executed.

If you have sex before marriage and then get married, all that is required from you for forgiveness is repentance. If you have already accepted Jesus as your salvation, you do not need to accept Him again after every sin, but it is important to recognize your sin and repent.

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Stringio Vincent Mercado Supporter Skeptic turned believer, Catholic, father of 3
A person doesn't have to get Baptism again if he had sex before getting married. While Baptism makes a person a Christian, Sin can not make a person "not a Christian" - Sin only makes a Christian a sinful Christian.

What he needs to do is go to Confession and get his sins forgiven.

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95 1 Jay Saunders
Let's clarify baptism. Baptism means to submerge or submerse with water. When you get baptised in water it is not for forgiveness of sin necessarily. It is a public declaration that you have received the lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. You have already repented and admitted you are a sinner in need of salvation.

Salvation is the process of obtaining mercy from God by admitting your a sinner in need of salvation and you feel remorse and have a desire to change through the process of repentance.

Baptism in the holy spirit can take place at salvation, during water baptism or at a later time by the laying on of hands by those that already believe in our Lord but only the Holy Spirit himself can baptise us with the Holy Spirit. 

Either way the Holy Spirit baptised us in the Holy Spirit. We can initiate it through prayer but the Holy Spirit chooses and desires to baptise us when we truly believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

The Holy Spirit gives us the power and desire to change. It is the Holy Spirit that then leads us and guides us in the understanding of the scriptures. John 16:13 Make no mistake he will be present and he takes charge of our sanctification though the word of God.

Jesus said to his disciples at the last supper, "My words have made you all clean." John 15:13 The word of God, Jesus, the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit are one. We become one with them by washing and renewing our mind with the word of God with the helper the Holy Spirit aka the Holy Ghost.

Being born again gives us this desire to cleanse ourselves and change ourselves through washing ourselves spiritually by reading, studying and hearing the word of God. 

The word of God works at setting us free from addictions, bad habits, selfishness, pride, lust, fear, anxiety, poverty, negativity and so much more.

All of these baptisms or subsequent infillings of the Holy Spirit are experienced by many but can't always be know or recognized by others although sometimes physical signs follow them.

You know that you know you received salvation or you know the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost has been received by acceptance of it and asking for it.

But if you read the story of Peter at Cornelius house and the Holy Spirit coming upon all those in Cornelius' house (who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ.) This is the perfect example of how God baptised in the Holy Spirit. It came upon them first and then they were baptised in water afterwards for the forgiveness of sins and as a sign that they now believe and have faith in saving grace of Jesus Christ.

We need to confess our sins asap because God says he will be faithful to forgive us if we are faithful to confess sin. Don't wait on a baptism event. Clean your sin plate as fast as possible that is my advice.

Read about Peter and the event that took place at Cornelius house. Acts 10:1 - 11:18 Read it a few times and you will see salvation, spirit baptism, and then water baptism. It is a example of if you seek God, God will find you and bring someone to you to show the way to salvation that leads to both kinds of baptism both spirit and water baptism.

If it were not so I would tell you nothing.
Pastor Jay

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