Why are there so many Christian denominations? Shouldn't the church agree?


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Scan14 Michael Tinsley

I've been to quite a few different (denomination) churches and there were always some doctrinal beliefs they held firm to which differentiated them from the rest of the denominations.

That is _religion, complete with some form of legalism and not true Christianity. I'm not talking about the church members who are probably Christians but about bylaws, and statements of 'faith' which are different in some way from the Statement of Faith at the bottom of this page.

It might be an over-emphasis on evangelism, or which Bible is the 'right' one, or
tithing 10%, or a misinterpretation of James 2:26 stressing works excessively, but its always something.

if you'll just follow the guidance of the indwelling Spirit of Christ in you, read your Bible to learn more daily about God's love for us, and pray sincerely with faith, you'll be able to live a rewarding Christian life no matter which church you chose.

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