What does the Bible say about persecution?

If a person is persecuting you, may be as a boss on an employee or a husband on his wife, then the person should fight back and play against the game or just pray for his boss / husband to change and do nothing?

Do we also use our weapons when others are attacking us or just shield ourselves by praying? (politically asked)

We can forgive people for their sins but what if they think we are losers and can't do anything and persecute us?

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"Though the fig tree does not bud...and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord" (Hab 3:17,18)

The lamenting Job asked, "Is there any taste in the white of an egg?" (Job 6:6). No, it is not tasty, but is nutritious! The persecutions, sufferings or trials of life point to the measure of our faith. When we take our eyes off Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith, we run into problems (Heb 12:1). We cry when we get drowned in them and then God asks us, "Where is your faith?" Sufferings, if handled properly, will strengthen our faith. At the height of his despair, Job triumphantly declared, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him" (Job 13:15).

Richard Wumbrand (1909-2001) and his wife Sabena described what they learnt amidst fourteen years of torture in Communist prisons: "In the prison we unlearned Theology and learned Theos (God)."

Afflictions increase our appreciation of God's grace. The Lord removed from Job his brothers, acquaintances, relatives, friends, guests, servants, wife and children. When human props are removed, we look solely to the Lord. Even when He hides Himself and we cannot see Him on the left or right, we will confidently say, "We don't know, but He knows!" (Job 23:8-10).

When we suffer, we are able to truly understand the feelings and heartaches of other sufferers around us (2 Cor 1:4). Counselling has become a dry ministry today. Job said that counsellors without feeling are "worthless physicians," "miserable comforters" and "empty talkers" (Job 13:4; 16:2; 21:34). Nowadays we even have computerized counselling! Our need is wounded healers! How wonderfully does the Lord Jesus who hung on the Cross care for our wounds! Do we have anyone who can comfort us like He does?

Crises help to release the dormant spiritual powers within us. We will never know that we can run so fast until we see a cobra or a mad dog. Deep water experience is not to drown us, but to develop us. Our over-protective daddy would never allow me and my brother to go beyond shallow waters to bathe. But the dads of our peers freely took them to deep waters. The result is that I cannot swim, till this day. No millstone is necessary to sink me!

Times of suffering become times of great revelations too. It was while patiently enduring suffering in a barren island that John received the glorious Revelation of things to come (Rev 1:9).

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Mini lisa carey
Scripture tells us... Jesus Himself tells us to forgive 70x7. That means we always turn the other cheek. We respond in love to persecution. The people persecuting us, regardless of the circumstances, are lost, just as we once were. They need Christ... they need the Gospel. As Christians, we represent Jesus to the world. We should love them as we love all people. 

If the circumstances were physical and talking about a life in jeapordy - if it is another's life, we should defend life. If it is our own, it is ok to defend, but we should always seek to be peacemakers. Not warring with others. 

Lastly... we were forgiven for offending the Most High God... we are to forgive others, for their sin is first and formost against God, and He says vengence will be His. 

We should not only forgive our enemies, but love them, and seek to bless them.

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