What is an apostle?


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Aagada sambhashanai Br.John Francis

I agree the deffination of Apostle is the one who sent out to Go and Spel Gospel

December 29 2013 Report

Mini La-Toya Robbins

An Apostle sets order in the house.

December 29 2013 Report

Mini Joyce Wynn

All of the statement I agree with they are sent out also and to set Godly order in the house .

December 30 2013 Report

Img 3052 Arma DeLoach

I thought an Apostle was one who was in the present of THE LORD JESUS HIMSELF, or have had and Road of Damascus EXPERIENCE as Paul did. We have the complete WORD OF GOD AS HE WILL FOR US TO KNOW. There is no other foundation that we can build on except that which has been laid.

September 10 2014 Report

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