How can I overcome being "burnt" by the church in the past and have a renewed passion for church and a desire to attend church again?


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Mini JoAnn Freeman

I've attended some fantastic churches. I've also attended some where the only thing most important was getting more and more money. I attended a church that was less than 6 months old. When it was time to give tithe the pastor was saying we need more money to build a larger building. In my head I was thinking "why" when the building we are currently in isn't even half full on a good Sunday. After a year there was still the same amount of people. The pastor was still determined to build a larger building. Why? Just like a few of the Tele-evangelists that make millions that live in mansions, have expensive cars and live the high life. Why would anyone support like this? They want your money as much as possible but they're not helping people who are really in need of help!

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