Are we living in the end times?


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Data Sarah Winn

The restoration of Israel as a nation in 1948 was such a HUGE fulfillment of prophecy! For hundreds of years, the Bible talked of Israel but the country did not exist. Then that nation was created right there in Palestinian occupied land after World War II. Israel was created because a place was needed to send the remaining Jewish survivors of the Holocaust. I can see why there is so much violence in the middle east. If I stated anything wrong, please correct my post.

January 24 2014 Report

Open uri20170205 23280 h5fbr Peggy Johnson

If we are living in the end times as many believe, Christians & non- Christians have yet to pass through the tribulation & thousand year imprisonment of satan. Which may suggest that end times may be in their infantcy with centuries before "the end".

April 07 2015 Report

Bobs head shot crop Bob Wier

No, these are not the 'end times'. The bible is pretty clear, these are times of 'travail'. This is a term used generally for when a woman is about to give birth. Yes, the 7 years of tribulation is this time period. When it is done, Christ will establish His throne upon the earth and with a word redeem the world, nature will be restored, and those who survived will continue on the earth. I say this is not the end, because the bible then goes on to talk of the 1000 years ahead (the millennium). At the end of the millennium will come the true and final end of times.

May 02 2019 Report

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