How should a Christian deal with tithing and taxation?

The most common principle about the tithing rate is 10%.

However, tax rates are not all equal worldwide.

Where I live, the highest marginal tax rate is about 48%.
If I were to give 48% of my income to the government (plus paying 15% taxes on products I buy, plus paying general government fees, etc.) AND 10% of tithe... there wouldn't be much left, compare to someone whose tax rate is much lower.

It is easier for a less-taxed person to tithe the 10% then for a high-taxed person.

Therefore, how should a Christian deal with tithing and tax rates?

2 Corinthians 9:7

LS1910 - 7 Que chacun donne comme il l'a résolu en son coeur, sans tristesse ni contrainte; car Dieu aime celui qui donne avec joie.

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