Do we continue to fast even if we mistakenly ate while fasting?

I was trying to go at least one whole day fasting without eating a thing but drinking only water and nothing else, not even juice. But I forgot I was fasting and I ate something so does that make my fasting invalid?

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Mini Alison Way
Fasting is all about putting aside our wants and desires, self control, sacrifice. It's telling Jesus that He means more to us than our earthly pleasures. It's important not to get too wrapped up in the details of the fast lest it become a legalistic thing. 

So, you accidentally ate something, drank something you didn't intend to eat or drink while you are fasting. I don't think you need to feel bad about it or stop your fast entirely. You say, "Oops, I'm sorry, Jesus" and go on with your intentions to fast for the remaining time. If you are new at fasting, this may happen more than once during your fast. As it is with many endeavors, the more you fast, the better you will be at remembering not to eat and the more self control you will have.

I would suggest that if you are new at fasting, you should choose a day when you don't have a lot of obligations such as work or school. If you can focus on spending time with Jesus, studying the Bible, and praying as well as resting, you will be less likely to forget that you are fasting.

Jesus isn't watching you and recording every time you slip up on your fast. He's cheering you on and rejoicing over every item of food you forgo because of your love for Him. 

As long as your heart is seeking Jesus during your fast, you will still receive the full benefit of your fast even if you accidentally slip up once or twice.

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Closeup Jennifer Rothnie Supporter Housewife, Artist, Perpetually Curious
Since Christian fasting is between you and God, it doesn't invalidate the fast. You are free to determine the particulars, God is more concerned with the heart. There are many different reasons for fasting (Soul searching, realizing our frailty, obedience, repentance, remembering an event, petitioning God, etc).

If you are interested in a more formal structure, there are many different types of fasts:

Strict fasting (no food or drink sunset to sunset - the jews also abstained from bathing/marital relations)

Modified fasts (no food but water allowed, no food but beverages allowed). 

Half-day fasts (sunrise to sunset) [Esther specified that she would fast 'day and night', for example, as half day fasts were common and a full fast was only required certain days of the year (Esther 4:16)]. 

[You can even just skip a meal to pray instead].

Fasting from a particular food or object (no chocolate, no tv, no Starbucks, etc). [This is usually used either to combat an addiction in ones life and refocus on God, or to save money and use the proceeds for charity].

As such, drinking something doesn't make the fast invalid - it still counts as a fast.

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Imag0495 Lynn Willis Obedient Daughter of the High King of the Universe
I just began exploring fasting as a part of worship for it is mentioned many times in scripture, even though my church doesnt employ it. From my own personal research the reason for fasting is to humble ourselves before the Lord. If you eat when you are fasting, then you have not humbled yourself to God, you have elevated yourself to quench your hunger and miss the point of fasting. We live in the flesh, but need to exalt the spirit. When you can deny the flesh (food) in order to exalt the spirit (God) in you MORE, then you please the Lord MORE. Fasting is a part of humility to me, and a gift we CAN give to God, and one that is requested in prayer of us in scripture so... give it all to God! However, I can be a bit legalistic in my zeal for obedience sometimes, so i would think you should be able to continue your fast as the Lord is the one who knows your heart in this and ALL things!

Before you begin fasting however, do some research about the health effects, especially if you have health issues. Further, if you plan to fast for any extensive period of time, coming off the fast can be devastating to your system and even cause death if you do so improperly. Please look into fasting in great detail before you begin to integrate this into your worship practices. This is a REALLY good Christian webpage about fasting:


Blessings in HIM with All Glory to God!

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Me! Nece Moore
The way I was brought up, yes it does make your fasting invalid. However, if you continue to fast after eating it still shows respect to the LORD.
Hope this helps :)

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D10be10f 4165 468e 890c 44b2c6a1e24f Tiffani Lee
There’s no need to be negative and beat yourself up as that is exactly what Satan wants. Like some of the previous responses, pray to the Lord for repentance and forgiveness. Ask him to purge your system and just stay focused without adding any stress of over thinking on it and bringing in emotions that are not from God. As soon as doubt enters, shame and guilt follow and that give the enemy an opportunity to have a strong hold over your mind and can even attack you with a migraine. There are many spiritual warfare prayers you can search for as there are many spiritual warfare battles we are challenged with and can face on a daily basis. The best weapon is by putting on the full armor of God, spending time to read scriptures, praying and journaling by writing letters/prayers to God. You never know in the future how writing your prayers down may help you or someone in the future. Relax and Know that he is God, don’t let the hypocrisy get to you as no one is perfect but the father whom art in heaven. Blessings to you and anyone reading this. God speed.

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Mini zemvelo zemy
From my own perspective fasting is about humbling yourself in front of God and feeding your spirit what it requires. It is important to understand the term fasting first, and then you will understand what to do and not what to do. The number of days while you're fasting is not very important; what is important is that you have sacrificed something and killed your flesh for your spiritual growth. 

In some cases, it may happen that you fast and limit your fasting period, but because God knows what is best for us, He may tell you not to stop fasting until he reaches a particular goal, and he will give you all the strength to carry on with your fast.

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Bc66797d 393f 4e4b b983 c5b42c4d647b Randi Hill
For me fasting is a naked spiritual journey that you take with God. Humbling yourself and sacrificing those very things that you give more time to, no matter if you give up a meal or two, social media or even your favorite reading app. It’s a commitment you make and seek God's voice. We are all human and none of us are perfect, so if we slip up and eat during that time of fasting just pray about it and keep going. Extend yourself grace because God does! This is a journey not a race!

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