Why did Satan tempt Eve to eat the forbidden fruit instead of Adam?


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Stringio Ezra King

Was Satan allowed to follow the holy pair around the garden or was he restricted to the tree?

July 26 2014 Report

Stringio Rebecca Trent

I don't think he had a purpose to follow them around. The only temptation was at the tree. The only rule God gave them was to not eat the fruit of the tree. He even went as far as to say, "do not touch the tree!" (Gen 3:3). Satan couldn't tempt them in any other way because they were perfect and without sin. They did not yet know evil because they had not eaten from the tree. In gen 3:5. It says when they eat their eyes would be opened to what good and evil was. They were already good, but in order to understand what good was you first have to know that there is a counter.. Which was evil. Once they took a bite, BAM. They knew they had sinned against God. They hid themselves. So after realizing the effect of sin (evil) they realized why God had told them not to eat.

July 26 2014 Report

Mini Natsu Satsujinki

What If?
1. Adam would be your brain.
2. Eve your inner voice or what you know to be right. Maybe even emotion.
3. If you feel like you're right, sometimes your brain might think so even when they're both misled.
4. God has his law on the hearts of his children. Adam and even just were.
5. Along comes Satan. That would be outside influence, twisting of scripture, and modern church.
6. God is good and described his creation as such. He didn't feel a need to clothe them. They never felt shame or nakedness until an outside influence came into the garden and literally twisted God's word. If you truly follow Christ, you should see this.
7. Now if you feel nothing but shame for pretty much existing, how could life not be turmoil for your inner thoughts and brain.

God makes everything perfect. It's additional words, rules, and distorting the message are the snake in the garden.

May 01 2021 Report

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