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How can someone work in the name for God but not make it into Heaven?


Matthew 7:21 - 23

NIV - 21 Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?

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Mini Nicole Merry
The gospel is the good news that Christ has paid the price for us.  This is something that we can't add to.  We will never be "good enough for God" because he compares us against his holy self and not other people. All have sinned and fallen short.  So, if a person does good works in hopes of impressing God or being accepted by him based on things he does-even in the name of Christ-it will fall short. We are saved by faith.

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Nietzsche 1875 Wilfrid Friedrich Nietzsche
In (Mt 7:21-23) Jesus is referring to "non-christians" &/or "false-christians" practicing healings & illusions in Jesus name. (but let's get REAL here & stay on "earth", if you know what I mean !)

How can that be ? "False-christians" practicing healings & illusions in Jesus name ?

As a matter of fact, archeologists actually found an inscription engraved on a peace of stone in Egypt (back in the day of the Amenophis dynasty  pharaohs) saying : "Put your hand on the wound, & it will heal". So healing by means of magnetism was already an energetic healing practice way before Jesus (so nothing to do with religion-christianity). 

This said, we don't need to be christians to be able to practice "laying of the hands" on someone sick ! Actually, a prayer, in group, to the "universal energy" would do the same thing : attract "positive energy".

Now, if Satan (demons) are CAPABLE of making DEADS (Samuel) talk (by means of mediums such as the Witch of Endor & Mr. Crowley) PRETENDING to be STILL ALIVE in the HEREAFTER (1 S 28:3:25), while  Jesus is supposed to be the HEAD of ALL resurrection in Heaven (Jn 3:13; COL 1:18) (something wrong !), then why would this be good coming from God & not from Satan (Mt 17:1-9; 8:11; TRANSFIGURATION versus NECROMANCY) ? Where is the difference ? There is none ! 

& what about egyptian pharaohs "MAGICIANS" with their "ILLUSIONS" (Ex 7:10,22) ?  I am convinced that demons also have their power to produce "illusions".

So, was there REALLY a Heaven 4 deceased israelites before Christ or were they JUST ILLUSIONS ?

See ? Israelites did not believe in a celestial resurrection but earthly-paradise before Christ !

The Transfiguration of Jesus, Eliah & Moses on the mountain, was only an "illusion" (according to the context of the Bible as a whole), if we do wanna stay "rational".

So Jesus was not talking about being saved by "faith" or "grace" in that verse (Mt 7:21-23) (like you say) but talking about whom "DOES the WILL of my father..."

So, yes, "works" & "endurance" are important (Ja 2:14,26; Mt 24:13) (according to the N.T. as a whole). Faith (believing) is not enough !

The proof of faith is : "endurance" & "works" but the contrary is not possible ! After that "salvation in hope" & being saved from the "sinful world", the christian is (supposed to) be "pushed" to "good work's" in appreciation/heart for his Lord & God UNTIL the END. If not, your faith is worth nothing ! Something's wrong !

See ? There is a big difference between...
-Being saved of the sinful world & Moses Law (Ep 2:10: works of Moses Law)
-Being saved in "hope" (Rm 8:24,25; Jn 3:16; Ep 2:10)
-Being "saved"  (the real christian "Salvation") (Mt 24:13) (endurance & efforts UNTIL the END)

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