What are the names of the 12 kinds of fruits on the tree of life?


Revelation 22:1 - 21

ESV - 1 Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb 2 Through the middle of the street of the city; also, on either side of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

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Open uri20130622 23898 8dsex Kelli Hamann Supporter Minister, Mother, Grandmother, Teacher, Musician
The Bible doesn't tell us what kinds of fruit were growing from the tree in this verse. From what I understand based on my readings about this passage, the tree and the fruit mentioned here will serve us in the heavenly realms, and therefore will not have the same functions as trees and fruit here on earth. For that reason, we can assume that they are unlike any kind of fruit that we have ever seen or known.

Here is an excerpt from Matthew Henry's Commentary about this passage:

Death reigns now because of sin; even in the millennial earth sin, and therefore death, though much limited, shall not altogether cease. But in the final and heavenly city on earth, sin and death shall utterly cease. Yielded her fruit every month--Greek, "according to each month"; each month had its own proper fruit, just as different seasons are now marked by their own productions; only that then, unlike now, there shall be no season without its fruit, and there shall be an endless variety, answering to twelve, the number symbolical of the world-wide Church (compare Note, see on Re 12:1; Re 21:14). Archbishop Whatley thinks that the tree of life was among the trees of which Adam freely ate (Ge 2:9, 16, 17), and that his continuance in immortality was dependent on his continuing to eat of this tree; having forfeited it, he became liable to death; but still the effects of having eaten of it for a time showed themselves in the longevity of the patriarchs. God could undoubtedly endue a tree with special medicinal powers. But Ge 3:22 seems to imply, man had not yet taken of the tree, and that if he had, he would have lived for ever, which in his then fallen state would have been the greatest curse. Leaves...for...healing--(Eze 47:9, 12). The leaves shall be the health-giving preventive securing the redeemed against, not healing them of, sicknesses, while "the fruit shall be for meat."

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Mini Daniel Nicholson
I believe that the Tree of Life represents ALL Life itself, 12 fruit represent the 12 tribes of man, and the leaves represent those certain people who absorb Gods light and spread it as nutrients for the whole
(think MLK, Billy Graham, Gandhi, etc). 

Jesus spoke in parables and I believe so does God. A lot of text should be looked at in poetic fashion, in my opinion.

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Mini David Lloyd
I understand this passage to be saying the tree provides a new batch of fruit each month, so that it is always in blossom and always yielding fruit. The "kinds" of fruit would correspond to each of the 12 months, and while they may vary somewhat from month to month, they are still identifiable as tree-of-life fruit. What I find most fascinating about this tree is that the leaves are also edible and medicinal "for the healing of nations."

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Mini Kenneth blythe
I am a researcher, I search for herbs of the field, especially the type that are nutrients for the health of the body. What are the twelve fruits of the tree of life? Well, I don't specifically know. This tree, in my opinion, contained the nutrients that would supply all the ingredients necessary to maintain a peak amount of the tripeptide called glutathione. 

Now if one could keep their glutathione levels peaked they would never age, but of course, we cannot. God had a plan, He knew what Adam and Eve would do, and He knows my errant ways also. Only Adam and Eve had the choice to live forever on this earth, we do not! We, though, have the choice to live forever, wherever God is. Jesus, by the sacrifice on the cross, provided us the way. Accept this offer and you will be on the glory road!

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Img 20201108 081319 Thonii Pao
The twelve fruits from the tree of life represent the eternal life. In the Garden of Eden in the Genesis account, Adam and Eve were thrown or chased out; the reason was that they should not eat from the tree of life.

When Adam was created, it was with perfect holiness and righteousness (Eph. 4:24) and God wants His people to live Holy (1 Pet.1:16). The purpose of man on earth with God was to have fellowship.

Therefore my concluding statement about the twelve fruits of the tree of life is the eternal life giver, which is from God Himself designed for believes who will enter into the eternal heaven.

Praise the Lord.

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