Do the sins of the apostles discredit them from teaching truth?

Peter denied the Lord three times. Saul had Christians executed. James and John were hot tempered. Can we still trust the teachings of the apostles even if they are sinners?

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Stringio Nathan Toronga Christian Elder.
The question presupposes that a person has to be 'qualified' to teach the truth. At least to write a part of the bible. 

That is an incorrect premise.

The Holy Spirit has that duty, and He uses anyone, like short-tempered Moses, fleeing, vengeance-filled Jonah, to doubting John the Immerser. 

So nobody was qualified to write the bible, because nobody did write the bible anyway. God wrote the bible, using human agents. Some of these didn't even understand what they were writing! 

Yet this must not be 'imputed' to 'successors', that is, as claimed by the Roman Catholic church and the Eastern Orthodox that their popes are successors to Peter.

These ones are mere humans, like me. And just as I am capable of teaching truth as well as error, so these men are also capable of the same.

Unlike the bible writers, who cannot be discredited by men when God has accredited and approved them, my teachings and those of the popes are subject to human scrutiny, using the bible as the standard of truth. 

And the age of the apostles is over. There were only twelve who laid the foundation of our faith. That foundation cannot continue to be laid.

Hence the theory of apostolic succession is a joke - mere 'old wives' tales'.

Bless you for a very good question.

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Seth3 Seth Freeman
Yes, we can absolutely trust Scripture.  The Bible is unique amongst all writings in that it alone is inspired by the Holy Spirit.  What this means is that even though there are many many different authors with different personalities and preconceived ideas about things - when they penned the books of the Bible, they were writing under the direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, we can trust with certainty that what is written in Scripture is indeed the Word of God.  

However, it is worth pointing out that Scripture alone is inspired by God.  No other works are, and therefore, no other works are fully trustworthy or reliable.

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